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  1. Friendship kept with Morningstar, now Morningstar is still my best friend
  2. Yeee I love when micros fight each other, I bet my cash on Hizu to win
  3. Thanks for letting us know, i guess
  4. If you're posting DoE for a 1-man extension alliance you could at least make it satirical
  5. Carthago be doing some sneaky stuff since when Xea joined lol Welcome to the tied-to-t$ family And thank you for using the brackets in post title
  6. @Victor Van Weyden tell him you're not IQ ?
  7. This is just "Knightfall", the previous one was "The Great Sock War"
  8. I expected DoW, not a micro raid
  9. Dumb


    Just stop putting worthless posts up, a.k.a. spamming, nub
  10. We have never fought for IQ, and when we ceased our wars with kerchtog we were hit by IQ. If you see that as switching sides then git gud
  11. Alliance based on not falling apart cool Wait just noticed DB part you will die criminal scum
  12. No 'Enforced' stuff would damage the game, it's nice as it is that the enemy may always lie, not pay back, run away with the debt This is kind of a game of conspiracy and i think it should stay this way With peace terms discussed on discord, based on trust
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