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Just now, Thalmor said:

About time some new media pops up!


Enjoy your show. Purposely avoided Fridays since that seemed like your typical day. 

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Best of luck Morf, it's about darn time some fresh media popped up! 

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55 minutes ago, Ramona said:

Prepare to be obsorbed into the RON media monopoly. 😈

Y'all's only Monopoly is member count. There are other businesses out there that do what you guys do, even as separate companies. Hell, even OCN, MNN, OR, Swing, yada yada combined get way less backlash than you guys as a whole.  Readers are expecting high expectations for you guys for being the biggest news corp as well advertised as most simple & accurate. You guys mostly in response just bait, shitpost, & flame ppl for y'alls & the ppls enjoyment even for how morally wrong it is. Then you guys also put in your own views from personal assessment when that only adds bias to your articles. Why do you think people continue backlashing at you guys when you act like that? People have high expectations, and then you guys worsen your rep by crushing those expectations with such childlike behaviors.


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I also know any further salt and downvotes from that community usually just prove what is stated. People won't be calling your actions heavily authoritarian right if you guys stop doing stuff a heavy authoritarian right would do.
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4 hours ago, PurpleElefante said:

Affected* but nice, love to hear about new radio shows! 

See @BigMorf! It's not just me who corrects your grammar!

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3 hours ago, BigMorf said:

wut is grammar??

why iz grammar?

Everyone asks what or why is grammar.
But no one ever asks how is grammar

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6 hours ago, zigbigadorlou said:

Big talk for someone without a show at all.

tfw I asked Partisan if he wants to be on my show after seeing his comment and didn't get a reply. 


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On 4/5/2021 at 3:13 PM, BigMorf said:

Hello Orbis, 

My name is BigMorf, and I'm still a relative newcomer to this game. I'm a member of TKR, and I've been low gov in FA for a while now. If I haven't met you yet, hello! 

For a while now, I've been wanting a particular kind of content here in Orbis. A platform where I could go and hear multiple perspectives on issues in Politics and War. But I couldn't find this particular content, so I decided why not do it myself? And here we are. I'm happy to announce that Morf Radio is here. What is Morf Radio you ask? Let me expalin. 

Morf Radio will be a one hour semi regular radio show that will feature a panel of representatives from the five major spheres of Orbis. Each show will be a facilitated conversation between these different representatives on different topics. 

I'm happy to announce that our first show will be this week on Thursday at 10PM EST. (Note: The time will change with every show based on availability of guests). There will be a recording every week so that if you can't make the show you can catch up.  

The first show will feature the following guests: @Wizel16 for Quack, @Leftbehind for HedgeMoney, @Redarmy for Roselot, @Vice for Oasis, and @RightHonorablefor Swamp. The first show will primarily be a focus on the NAP and how the NAP has effected Orbis politics. If we time allows, we will also take questions from the audience. 

The show will occur on Morf Radio

We'll see you Thursday! ^ join the discord. 

I cannot wait to hear 4-6 people agree that a NAP is somehow a positive for politics in Orbis.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I'll catch the recording, good luck with your show Morf!

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