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  1. It's been said outside of doe's & merges plenty of times including by yourself
  2. Not when its TLE's, why you micro managing theirs, especially w/ no granted connection authority?
  3. quite later than I intended but still later DJ Firewolf — What are your thoughts on the recent diplomatic changes? WANA — I think HW disbanded so as to put pressure on Celestial to also disband. Frankly, I am not super happy right now. DJ Firewolf — That is awesome to hear especially from you over in syndicate WANA — They hit us under economic pretenses and then try and force us to drop allies. DJ Firewolf — WANA —That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. DJ Firewolf — Good, find a way to deal with it WANA — I quite like my allies, so them doing this is shitty. We will. Frankly, their entire plot is blatantly craven. DJ Firewolf — I can get where you're coming from but they also have a point, they're trying to drive more towards multi polarity, like they have been for the past couple years, especially the ones outside of ex Hollywood WANA — They tried to drive towards multi-polar by making themselves into the biggest hegemony since NPO? This is realpolitik at it's finest. They don't give a shit about the meta, frankly. All they care about is molding the political sphere into something that benefits them. DJ Firewolf — Last I recall, you guys at syndicate were the ones that were next to npo not them WANA — They're opportunists. That's a historical misinterpretation. Also, I will note, GG literally did not split. They're opportunists. DJ Firewolf — That should be a good thing for certain things they do. All they did was make a complete whale bloc beside Oblivion Probably to also poke at you guys further on what you guys should do WANA — Sure DJ Firewolf — It's thinking hard buddy, there's a long road up ahead and it's going to be bumpy as [email protected]#$ WANA — They knew that if they stayed together they'd be next in line to get rolled. DJ Firewolf — And you ain't going to have the slim amount of allies and as well friends and very few spheres like there used to be to back down to WANA — Hmm? DJ Firewolf — I'm referring to how alliances were split up as big as they were before with a few to several big alliances in one bloc split into very few spheres WANA — I’m interested to see if any of the new spheres expand further. DJ Firewolf — Do it yourself num num WANA — Join TKRsphere? DJ Firewolf — You are not recreating quack. Why are you even considering that? Why are you considering going backwards?! WANA — I’m not sure what it is you’re asking me to do. DJ Firewolf — I'm saying the best thing for you to do is find a way on sorting out celestial WANA — How so? DJ Firewolf — Personally if ggo wants to be together, keep Rose and syndicate together to still counteract that along with I believe you still have R&R. That would be your biggest assets remaining together alongside your current prots WANA — I hear you. DJ Firewolf — As much as I really despise you two together, especially how Rose treats me, I would still think that would be the best option out while cutting everyone else WANA — Makes sense, I don't know the relationship you and Rose have. DJ Firewolf — I'm too toxic for their taste apparently. Even when I offer honest criticism that I don't mean any harm with or even a light-hearted joke that has no dirty or dark humor in it meant to just poke shit at someone WANA — Interesting DJ Firewolf — I'm sorry dude but you got me laughing to hard WANA — Yeah? DJ Firewolf — Your seethe WANA — In RON? It wasn’t seething I am not Partisan. I’m never going to be Partisan. DJ Firewolf — In here WANA — Hmm? DJ Firewolf — Oh nothing WANA — You know a thing or two about people treating you shitty. DJ Firewolf — Just consider a ggo counter WANA — That’s fair
  4. If that's true, why are you the one bringing me up after several months of me majorly avoiding you, your peers n ppl simalar to you like a lactose intolerant person to dairy?
  5. Its been that way, you are just blind alongside your similar minded buds Anyways, I can't believe I'm saying this but full congrats to that top tier effort for both the card and cake, I'm impressed as well intrigued. GL Rose in war!
  6. Ayyrite, imma post that convo bewteen me n Wana about a Celestial plans when HW split later
  7. This was Clock vs Backroom you shat flinging monke headed dopes
  8. my first thought was Deul's pants jk from awhile back, we are in different trains of thought. Althou I appreciate clearin things up than personally projecting ones lack of understanding further will to do so. As much as ppl are shit slingin at me, Ik its not my problem when it comes to ppl enforcing their own soft belled belief's unto others cuz they dont wanna understand
  9. You know, for someone who doesnt even hang around me, you sure know me well, its just astonishes me so much. oh im the meanest around ya know, nothing more like running around like a over-entitled headless chicken demanding recognition n respect via the internet gets me going like anything else ya know. Not like I have any ppl I care for in this community, whom enjoy hanging w/ a selfish toxic PoS who harasses them on a daily as well have them under a sense of fear to follow me, cuz thats def how I roll. Def that unempathetic, inconsiderate, & not understanding, cuz I am enthused by my own ego that much it fuels my body n mind.
  10. @Kevanovia its called a satirical remark like when yall wanna make a point w/ comedic overdrawn fashion. Whats the diff when someone like me or him do it? Oh yeah, I forgot some of yall have as much empathetic concern for outsiders to your groupings & in-betweens like a fetus w/ a pro-choice mom whoms excuse is cuz she aint ready but nothing else more nor less why.
  11. true, just makin more natural lube for further action
  12. idc bout winning & losing by that stature, Im more concerned on staying net positive which I have done for ova a whole year until last war, just look at my war stats 😉Bet barely any TKR or even HW member have been able to do that even against all odds
  13. looks at most nukes TKR would know bout dat
  14. "CTO did it too" As much as we had our troubles m8, wtf kind of humb lub is you securing urself against several other c40+'s while you are one man. The last couple globals you been in, your ass has gotten used n abused so god damn much you need laxatives & aloe in order to be yourself again. Hell... Nation Name Leader Name Alliance Color Cities 1) Fenris Dreadnought Respublica Romana 52.00 2) Fire Caves Kosst Amojan Rose 50.00 3) AkAk AkAk Grumpy Old Bastards 49.00 4) Callisto Carl Sagan Terminus Est 48.00 5) Tsardom of Slavia Sphinx Terminus Est 48.00 6) Nueva Granada Don Juan Terminus Est 48.00 7) Felandia Joe Baker Grumpy Old Bastards 47.00 😎 Pleiades Tamer Grumpy Old Bastards 47.00 9) Inconnue Inconnu Grumpy Old Bastards 47.00 10) Veins Vein Shuba10KM 46.00 11) Nova Utopia Senatorius Grumpy Old Bastards 46.00 12) Leaminium synthesis Guardian 45.00 13) Nordland Odin Terminus Est 45.00 14) Big Whiskey Jim Beam Yarr 45.00 15) Oath DtC Justice Orchid 45.00 16) Bollocks Bollocks Terminus Est 45.00 17) Concord Presidential Grumpy Old Bastards 45.00 18) The Byzantine Empire Belisarius Grumpy Old Bastards 45.00 19) Jewidia Sweeeeet Ronny D Grumpy Old Bastards 44.00 20) Pascalopolis Pascal Michel Shuba10KM 44.00 21) Union CentroAmericana Sephiroth Grumpy Old Bastards 44.00 22) BEPU Aenir Grumpy Old Bastards 44.00 23) Lafaillette Trevor Belmont Grumpy Old Bastards 44.00 24) Sverige Karl XII Terminus Est 44.00 25) Fellowship of the Ring Batavus Terminus Est 44.00 26) Chaos Prefontaine Admin Alliance 44.00 27) Vladland evulfuson Grumpy Old Bastards 43.00 28) The Locos Zoot Rose 43.00 29) Republic of WPMT Boysun Grumpy Old Bastards 43.00 30) The Lost Isles Shakyr Terminus Est 43.00 31) Republic of Dave Dave Grumpy Old Bastards 43.00 32) Makedonia Alexandros o Megas Grumpy Old Bastards 42.00 33) Upper Canada Malinok Grumpy Old Bastards 42.00 34) Stratton Oakmont Tulip Yarr 42.00 35) Thislandismyland JtTeE Guardian 42.00 36) Dryad Dryad Horses Only Fans 42.00 37) Westerosi Tyrion Lannister The Immortals 42.00 38) Ole Vonaire Vali Terminus Est 42.00 39) Republic of Yorkshire Patrick Stewart Shuba10KM 42.00 40) Beets Motel Dwight k Schrute The Hand of Fate 42.00 41) Meranthe Krampus Carthago 42.00 42) Krenaa Dominion Kija Van Falsavior Novus 42.00 43) Wengland Allilee The Syndicate 41.00 44) North Bulgaria Rosen DJOK Grumpy Old Bastards 41.00 45) Chima Lionstar The Commonwealth 41.00 46) UTSA ODriscoll Yarr 41.00 47) im317 im317 Yarr 41.00 48) Cocania Horsecock The Hand of Fate 41.00 49) Yirlandia Yir Yoronti The Knights Radiant 41.00 50) Packet Switched Network Hamiltenor Grumpy Old Bastards 41.0051) Jurvania Vojasker The Fighting Pacifists 41.00 52) Graveland Ripper The Syndicate 40.00 53) Tazewell Emmad The Syndicate 40.00 54) Sovereign Cazaric The Syndicate 40.00 55) New Chiraq Bahgat Yarr 40.00 56) Pax Britannica Harry Flashman Rose 40.00 57) Divinum Vincent Marchinetti The Syndicate 40.00 58) Biscuitia Steve Sten Rose 40.00 59) Vniversvm Codename V November 5th 40.00 60) Republic Of Pakistan Ayaz Baig Rose 40.00 61) Phezzan Christian Dahl LegoLand 40.00 62) Abyss Morte Yarr 40.00 63) El Doradu El Nino The Syndicate 40.00 64) Rio Grande Lansquenete Rose 40.00 65) Viridia Goldie Grumpy Old Bastards 40.00 66) New Zion Culdee Guardian 40.00 67) Ruination Blink Grumpy Old Bastards 40.00 68) Juicebox Yami Vi Britannia House Stark 40.00 69) Stillhard Stillhard Terminus Est 40.00 70) Gladius Samwise Grumpy Old Bastards 40.00 71) Sherifian Empire of Morocco Neantasia Eclipse 40.00 72) Terra Mariana Kiki Terminus Est 39.00 73) Lyevland Lyev Guardian 39.00 74) The Fifth Element Korben Dallas Grumpy Old Bastards 39.00 75) Divided States of Embarasmnt Kamala Harris Terminus Est 39.00 76) Rubi-Ka Brumlebjorn Grumpy Old Bastards 39.00 77) Kingdom of Ben Benfro Banana Stand 39.00 78) Kickass Keegoz Cataclysm 39.00 79) Mechanicus Malleator Terminus Est 39.00 80) Wisconsin JohnBaraboo Church Of Atom 39.00 81) Anarres Ishmael The Syndicate 39.00 82) TIEIXIAIS James II Church Of Atom 39.00 83) Lightside Lightside Grumpy Old Bastards 39.00 84) Hiiumaa Kalev60 The Commonwealth 39.00 85) Mongolitana MrBooty Rose 39.00 86) Elder Tale Shiroe Guardian 39.00 87) Kingdom Of Dark Dark Lord Grumpy Old Bastards 39.00 88) Blighty Galerion High Temple 39.00 89) Torterra Acey Eclipse 38.00 90) The USA President Tom The Enterprise 38.00 91) Aneles Vexz Rose 38.00 92) Wrathaz El Commander Grumpy Old Bastards 38.00 93) Drenai EliteCanada Grumpy Old Bastards 38.00 94) The SCP Foundation Leroy-Jenkins The Syndicate 38.00 95) House Tyrell Killua The Syndicate 38.00 96) CelestialDream BlaCkAssOs Guardian 38.00 97) Hayleys Kingdom Haylz The Immortals 38.00 98) Hivestonia EViL0nE Farkistan 38.00 99) Sinkleraken Kurdanak Rose 38.00 100) Wendot Ryan II Church Of Atom 38.00 if this doesnt help explain CTO's situation, even aside BR allies, idk wtf will
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