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  1. I joined Oceania like a week ago (six days). Hasn't updated since. Was also having this issue in Pantheon and Compass. @Alex Please prioritize looking into game issues before looking at (Prefontaine's) game ideas (should also look at more than his ideas). Try milking from a different cow instead of Pre almost every single time god damnit. Anyways, trying looking into Tech Support more often and prioritizing it over game suggestions. Fix the major annoying bugs(This aa senority glitch, Treaty web glitch, etc) then move forward to (a) suggestion(s)(Spies, ID, VDS, etc > Keno, Ads, Bas
  2. I'm very happy knowing you Eve. You're a very energetic and willing to understand person. It really helped talking to you about Nokia & co. Please remember all the good times we gave you. You're one worth knowing with your passionate heart & goofball personality.
  3. As much as I think all people including Moderation should be following having an an active nation in order to be in the forums like the rules state, I'm also fairly sure repetitively pinging a moderator for such foolish remarks is breaking multiple rules. Everyone who's participating it's literally asking for a warning/mute. @Alex @Dr Rush Any comments?
  4. Shhhh, let him think he's still in his fantasy world and earning brownie points. He's too far in anyways to drag back.
  5. As much as me & you have had our disconnect within the past month, just remember who we are at our core and the good ole times we shared. For as people survive, heroes live. As heroes live, legends never die. You sir a legend.
  6. Somehow, I'm usually the next person in line. Though, this time Parti was the next in line. The rest of us are obviously behind him.
  7. After all this time, I see what you were talking about @Prefonteen. Sorry for doubting your old snakey coot. On the other hand, I don't see the point of Hedge continuing to pull complete blasphemy out of there asses, then smear it on the mirror very good, then point the finger at the next person in line for the bathroom. Then again, it's what Hedge does best, or more truthfully, CotL.
  8. All hail the new fresh hegemony! VIVA LA OASIS!!!
  9. @Corpsman I also forgot to mention, nice chunk of them think we are trying to shitpost here, not confront OOC & toxicity.
  10. @Corpsman Classic PnW community, derail the conversation to ignore the main subject(s) at hand. It's like this definitely is the first time they are ignoring the evidence and explanations that were given. Or even just too lazy to read and they just see something their friends have given an upvote or downvote, so they follow along. And then there's them taking what they want to hear and what they don't want to hear, only to spread the way the way they feel it's being presented. Which in most cases, it's just them trying to play victim in a way, so they look like a good guy. As well, even a mixt
  11. Just them trying to make themselves feel bigger and better with what they have and what they want to hear as well twist
  12. If I'm giving them ammunition, then how come they're choosing to hide behind others with their words, upvotes, and downvotes? As well as not bring up any counter evidence that can be expounded upon? With us either tearing it to shreds or finding a middle ground of course. Unless we made it extrudingly clear down to the atoms of this thread, so they can't offer up counter evidence that dive into just knowing it's just going to be torn to shreds. All their left is to do for them it's to hide behind other voices that are only what they want to hear plus "support" it. Right now, they are truly a s
  13. I had a lot to get off my chest that I have been frankly holding in due to how community and moderation are. You only gave me the opportunity that I took right away. My word is as much needed as Nokia's here. I still haven't seen any evidence from the other side being delved into. All I see instead is pompous stuffed shirts trying to posture away from their malignant ways & supports.
  14. You say that as if you don't have the serious series of shouting and shitposts that you blast in as well as other bombastic remarks you make on a daily. There's a reason why I listed you with the people that Corps, Nokia, & I we're aiming this thread at. Folks, behold to you, the peanut gallery! https://discord.com/channels/446601982564892672/783086910138351696/783087574058795018 One of the worst nights of my life! I was truly looking forward to people actually listening and what I had to say and understanding me better. It ended up being a bunch of yahoo's taking their shots at
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