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  1. @Alex I clearly remember Elijah Mickaelson using the same tactic to keep the money that he storing his Nation from IRL transaction for in-game money(which is you also made forbidden) so no one will get a hold of his loot. Even if it was just for a few minutes, it's still ally slot filling in which you're just using sly wording tactics to make it look like you guys did nothing wrong(most possibly using lies alongside deception). Plus, the solid proof is all there up above versus his obviously flaunted testimony.
  2. What?! Gosh damn, I wanted that smirk blown off his face along with his cockiness. 😩
  3. Yes Ik, you hang around those kind of people everyday.
  4. Lies, they're lovely people. I know cuz I've hanged with them.
  5. *Followed by Along the Watchtower & For What it's Worth*
  6. How did @Hexapolis & @PurpleElefante get on there?
  7. That reminds me, I was one of those accused before you retracted. It's not something you should be laughing about Aiya, something you should be watching your back because of it. There's a difference between called out as judgemental, hypocritical, elitist, toxic, assumptive, etc. vs racist, sexist, n*zist, transphobic, homophobic, etc. One side goes around saying things others hate thou it's not necessarily intentionally degrading, the other is upright hate speech that is meant to incite uproar. Then again, calling people names based on one's emotional judgmental of what one hates to cause tur
  8. Why do you assume people hate you instead of asking & conversing?
  9. Tips fedora then tosses it to @Cpt Crunch Take this as a momento rough rider. There seems to be a small flaming wolf skull symbol emblazed into the right side of the hat Welcome to the club partner
  10. Said almost every news/media outlet ever
  11. Who put you in charge the to tell what's a micro or not? I remember no-one in charge of doing so, & no one will ever be outside of game admins. Last I remember was Alex actually pointing out the top 50 as macros, especially w/ The Council role futhermore channels it gave access to in main server. That's how almost everyone outside of the elite knows what is & isn't. Plus, it's way more efficient to apply then whatever bullshit y'all as elites spread around as information (making it misinformation along with all the other thoughts and feelings one has around the game).
  12. And what rule(s) prevents micros from using Alliance Affairs? Wait, there are none, the forums allow anyone of any nation size & any alliance to post alas following the forum guidelines. Shockingly,(I know right, just as surprised as you 🙀), it doesn't. Same w/all the others who think their opinions matter.
  13. First off, you mean where I nonchalantly passed you guys a screenshot of my resources & tried to talk it out. Raiding a raider is almost always a bad idea cuz they usually don't have much besides a decent warchest, even low infra builds that barely produce much. Y'all also kept diverting the conversation. Second off, we had plenty of treaty's at the O lvl that where keeping us safe until we got an announcement from our protector SMC(hence why we found a merge).
  14. Thou you barely made anything bub, it was obvious that I barely had any rss, plus add in my low infra lvls.
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