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  1. you reminded me what I forgot to post jolly ole chum 😉 Specifics is what we are lookin at
  2. I figured so 😂, especially since you kept going in circles no matter what n how I asked while me kept concluding: Positive is Positive Negative is Negative Jaden is Jaden Firwof is Firwof NpO is NpO Cam is Cam And that's bout all we were able to concur on. Although on a side note, the week mute was a overboard, but funny af all are invited
  3. says the RON show boy. Plus, the fact you replied to me w/ intentions to stir me round based our history says alot more That aside, who wants to do a game nite in Cam? We got, Mario Kart 8, Overwatch, Apex, Minecraft, Among Us, Smite, Rocket League, Smash Bros Ult, Mario Party Superstars, Cards Against Humanity, Gartic Phone, &/or Jackbox!!! Choice is the communities althou, @Epimetheus has every final decision including prizes!
  4. Does Kentuckian hick accent with slight feminine yet still masculine pitch ring a bell?
  5. I'm sorry, when did I hurt so to become quite bitter? Did I somehow touch your drum set in a way you don't condone? Did I not remove the crust on your sandwiches and pizza the way you prefer? Not enough sugar in your tea or coffee even!? I know that last one is a sin with not enough sugar & creamer in a coffee!! Then again, it seems you like to drink it raw, no additives, pure extra dark extra strength Death Wish coffee you monster!!! That would explain a lot, although in the end, just talk to me to let me genuinely know, but I don't know if I wanna knowing that's how you like your coffee.
  6. sure thing bud, sure thing... Def looks like two small blocs/spheres creating a slightly bigger one, it really does mate. Especially with how only two of them only being the major influences on the current game state ruckus, no more or less. The others def don't have that much of extensive history to effect others, right Jade, right? Those two alliances by themselves, specially the #1, cannot by the size of a mini sphere just in one alliance, very much so aye? Most of their members are not above c20 either but below, making a mostly low-mid tier bloc, no? Sure looks like that to me! Mhmm, 100% yessir no cap.
  7. bruh...nice attempt at mini spheres...
  8. *stares at the your forum posts around Bifrost Blitz* That pick up of "attitude and actions" is still based off of another's self imposed inflictions than his own confrontations he has laid out. Always could ask even make a genuine statement bout something at hand but naw, gotta defend the ones own ego plus its memory than reform it via setting it aside. Take your own medicine ole man, you are becoming more delusional day by day you dont take it. You are gonna end up hurting yourself & others even if you dont. side note: ngl, that signature Adri has for how tkr & co is supposed to be makes situations like this highly ironic What's more ironic for example is how much people complain how bad Cam specially likes around Epi yet we haven't done anything much major to politics for a very long time whilst being a neutral mostly. There are a few other alliances in similar concept to Cam although we usually get dunked for it. So people going after people like Epi even whole alliance like Cam who try to stay neutral only to treat them like a villain heavily just cause they wont mostly align ego wise is a self desired infliction, not the other(s) one is projecting towards.
  9. KkI've spent most my years allied & around Aurora. Y'all even when a few of us disagreed (as well gettin myself dropped from gov n my treaties from my shenanigans), always pulled through people around ya the most. Seeing you two thou of all leads retire leaves me aching a bit to an aa a owe heart too, even never setting a foot in. Bestest o regards you two broski's, specially you TP. Viva la Aurora!!
  10. You're literally only proving the opposition's point heavily more post war while y'all denied and doubled down the hell out of it beforehand...This also somewhat backs out of that war agreement to of acknowledgment by moving the opposite direction...
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