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  1. Merry Christmas to all & all a great Holidays! May the firelight of the Nether shine brightly throughout your Holiday's! -Sincerely Apostle, Marine Commander Firwof Kromwell thy Nether King PS-
  2. Happy ARRRGA-versary my Pirate Mateys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppj0WQOTDnM
  3. GOONS Gazette Special Rules of thy Nether King 1. Have Fun- No one likes a party pooper Have fun playing Politics & War (It’s just game) 2. Try to take IA/FA/MA/Econ stuff seriously- It shows you are dedicated to your future. If you put some seriousness in most IA/FA/MA/Econ situations seriously, it should help you learn from what you should do in the future. 3. Respect Others- Excessive trolling & harassment, etc, is just downright toxic & everyone has their own values and beliefs. Don’t keep starting quarrels or upsets amongst others repetitively. It gets old as well as pisses people off. Even knowing people’s boundaries helps navigate how to interact with them (unless they are over-sensitive, or you guys don’t get along then don’t interact with them unless a needed circumstance arrives which try to make a compromise). 4. Be Responsible- Everyone should be responsible for what they do. If there is an incident that has solid evidence you did it, own up to it, you will get in less trouble the earlier you are caught. 5. Bias and Corruption- Try to be as non-opinionated as you can in situations that require your point of view. Try to be empathetic to others and not put I, we, his her, etc, in front of things cause it shows bias/corruption unless proven solid it wasn’t meant that way. Also, don’t put your own values/beliefs into a statement (cause it makes it an opinion then) unless proven otherwise. 6. You are You- Be yourself at a respectable level. Don't take insults to heart cause you should know better. Be yourself because you are the only you. One should know better to react to someone blaring a put-down cause it only makes the situation worse. Don’t say anything because you know the truth about yourself. If a circumstance does come up needing the vise versa then fight a legitimate claim that is truly worth time to come to a compromise. -Overall- If everyone knows/is informed what is going on as well as knows/is informed what something is meant to mean then it is ok to joke with trolling. Don’t always ruin things for others, it gets annoying. If being yourself includes excessive trolling/harassing/ etc. then you need to find a way to control your impulse. It is well known that people are sensitive, but being over sensitive is also annoying. Getting angry at (a) little thing(s) a lot tends to make things complicated amost others so find a way to control that impulse. These rules don’t have to be used all at once, cause it can make things messy. Ultimately, your best to use these rules to help yourself plus others. It will only lead to making a better community. Sincerely, The Nether King of Orbis, Perma Apostle of the 11, Obejarl Firwof Kromwell signing off for a good day to all. May the fire of the nether, and the 11 have its light guide you in all its grace in glory!
  4. @Supreme Master Joi I didn't mean no toleration of an anti fun-gui or don't ever get offended. I meant try to be a person someone can tolerate verus be rude/annoying to others. But one cannot also get offended by a lot because that also ruins fun for others. People just need to try to find how to be acceptable around others by setting boundaries versus taking offense.
  5. 1. Me? Butthurt? Thus is quite the assumption. I only meant to prove a point & it has been holding strong throughout today. It only frustrates as well saddens me but not leave me butt hurt(that is Aku’s job to be butthurt u know) 2. I’m only trying to be a good influence in our community thank you very much. I’m one that doesn’t give a damn what one says in a hurtful manner but cares a lot for friends/family. Sadly the way most are taking it is what truly saddens even frustrate me as well as proves my point further.
  6. i meant this in a heart to heart, not a joke
  7. As the --------------------- we promise to let all members a chance of growth and development alongside prosperity as a community. We all will be trained to deal with offensive and defensive wars through friendly advice & support. 1. Have Fun- No one likes a party pooper Rule 2.Try to take IA/FA stuff seriously- It shows you are dedicated to your future. 3. Respect Others- Excessive trolling & harassment is just down right toxic & everyone has their own values and beliefs. 4. Be Responsible- Everyone should be responsible for what they do. 5. Bias and Corruption- We try to be as non-opinionated as we can. 6. You are You- Be yourself at a respectable level. Don't take insults to heart cause you should know better. If one follows these rules in the-------server, you will fit in well & definitely enjoy your stay. Being fair & fun is our number one priority. If one breaks the rules a mute, kick, or ban will be talked about by government. Hope to see you on the other side! Why is it that no one can apply some of these rules to ourselves & respective alliances & we all get triggered easily at each other. Try to be empathic for once in our lives as well not lash out at others so easily (cough cough Astra bloc cough cough). We are only human so we must learn to cooperate with each other. There are people though that do have conflicting views & it is natural to defend/fight them. But sometimes you just got to be considerate of those around you by offering a helping hand like the new players. They are only just entering this community & what they get first matters. Reach out to show them the good things about this community by giving them a proper group that will guide them to thrive with people as well there own nation. Even do this to people you already know, it will make that bond stronger. This is the Nether King of Orbis, Perma Apostle of the 11, Obejarl Firwof Kromwell signing off for a good day to all. May the fire of the nether & the 11 have its light guide you in all its grace in glory!
  8. As a friend of Caspian i vow to help restore what was lost as a good friend of his.
  9. In situations like these, everything is always dependent on who you are, where you are, what you are doing, and how you are doing. Saying that, everyone is biased in their own ways more or less than others. Even with interactions, one can apply that logic. Like @Dio Brando said, there is no such thing as true neutral because it all depends on what on is giving as well receiving from others based on my statement above.
  10. @Robert E Lee Well said Lee, well said. But throu this page North Point has shown quite the opposite opinion of us, so does that truely show how they treat people?
  11. i did not stand down as a coward. i stand down cus im sick and tired of the toxicity that comes from people like Aku
  12. Thank you my hellspawn brother for doing what is right. May the fire of the Nether continue to shine on you & repel Aku since he cant even accept an apology either(just like peace).
  13. Due to unforeseen circumstances the Guild of the Netherworks will cease to exist soon. The Nazi Wars between NP & GNW have made our nations unstable thanks to North Point not taking our peace as well refusing to talk peace. We will be merging with very good friends of mine from my Kazuko days. Please show all respect to them cause they are truly good people.It was a good run but a slow rise. I hope the best for all of you with my highest regards. This is Firwof Kromwell, Orbis's King of Fire & the Nether, Apostle of the 11 signing off to all nations & may the fire of the Nether & the 11 shine on you all.
  14. As a declaration of existence & boredom i Firwof Kromwell do accept Hassan"s terms & join the Resistance against NPO & GPWC because its about time the get cut down from there reign over all of Orbis, Cybernations, Nationstates, & more. Its time to turn the tables on all of them by burning them to ashes! Lets rise up & show them that there reign of rule will be over soon . "In darkness, I shall be light. In times of doubt, I shall keep faith. In throes of rage, I shall hone my craft. In the midst of battle, I shall show no fear. In the face of death, I shall have no remorse."- Brother Viktor "It is not up to me whether I win or lose. Ultimately, this might not be my day. And it is that philosophy towards sports, something that I really truly live by. I am emotional. I want to win. I am hungry. I am a competitor. I have that fire. But deep down, I truly enjoy the art of competing so much more than the result.(edited) It's important not to lose focus; so many things can happen. People try to build this fire between the clubs. The heat is going to get more and more." ---Apostle Firwof Kromwell GIVE THEM BLOOOOD & VINEGAAAARRR!!!! EUILLLIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
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