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  1. And I quote: If I'm not allowed to talk & work w/ my spouse on as well offline, what am I? Anyway thats drags from here. Y'all big talk too much for being in a corner.
  2. She did it for funzies as well I told her too 😗
  3. But some love to watch the world burn. YAY FOR ARSON!!!
  4. Well at least, you know how to step down & entrust power/knowledge, He only knows how to take over since he has to have power to "reign supreme", even if your ideas really droop. At least you let retirement humble you Kramps.
  5. Sounds like a lack of too, even makes us men alot more of a twink. ...... I'm sorry if I offended somebody, I mean mam, frustration does a lot to us...
  6. Can I get a repost of just STAN for Eminem anyone?
  7. choices can be made from stupidity, not always directly, although it sounds like you speak from experience, no?
  8. Aren't we all more or less in some stock of fashion? @Cajun_Yankee I need the second half of my brain cell pls
  9. opens door to get fresh air after a couple weeks relaxing from cesspool bs sees flying octopus machines trying to attach to ppls heads as anti corruption drones to help ppl learn what is more "trustworthy & factful" media "Yeah naw fam, not today, this is too ironic from who all this is coming from"-Fir closes door enters txt to @Nintendo & @George Clooney [Be wary of mindslaver drones, over drawn news articles, & oddly near always hot soup] - Fir
  10. he still has infra, mil, & some rss you could burn it, no? Still worth it, sure?
  11. @Kyubnyan @Pika of the most loveliest n nicest PnW players in one aa?! What could could go wrong?! Wish ppl could be more like you two!! Looks down & scrolls back up Sees three ppl in particular Uh umm oh gee golly.... good luck I guess anyway? Errr.... @ToxicPepper @Gorge @Vice Idc what peps have to say bout yall w/ a highly questionable pastime like I althou I wish yall the best o luck, be the bread n butter of the aa, if you need/want anything, you know where Im at. Pls keep those three away from me thou as well if anything goes awry, I gotchu.....like anything w/ this group of ppl ever would thou, right?
  12. Hot god damn, Most us here haven't seen you in a hot minute Luffs, thought you died. Hope you been well matey 💓
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