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  1. Like James & Monti said, why are y'all so frinking boring?
  2. Hated bad guy...hated bad guy...hmm... *taps foot* why does this sound so weird coming from Akuryo's mouth?....hmm....oh I know why, maybe cause he is a snappy pompous phony! Remember kids, don't believe everything you hear/see unless you know so & understand so.
  3. Chute maybe quite the knucklehead (don't get me wrong) But Nokia? Actually hearing out Nokia to understand him, will prove his worth just like myself. Or is it pointless to argue to a lil ball that is very shallow inside?
  4. No, no he doesn't sit alone. He is a way more mature man then most of you. So his mind slipped into a trance that day. But we should still be able to forgive and even learn. Or did I forget most if you have grudge as well as metal issues? Oh yeah, I also remember Alex told everyone related to these related events, not just Buck. It was more than Buck causing chaos. So let's play a little game called the Quiet Game & the winner gets 20mil(or more) kek?
  5. Oh yeah I remember when you kept complaining about Buck making a white racist jk. Grudges hold you back ya know. Yet again, it was funny as hell!😂 Made yourself look like a lost child in a superstore. Please do it again to keep us entertained.
  6. Someone deleted the whole second half of Pg 2 on Morningstar "peace" treaty

  7. "Well is was nice talking to you Sam, & I hope best of luck with your maiden voyage home. And as I promised, here those traders come with the diplomacy crew." *As Firwof was standing beside Samantha & her ships crew on the pier the Blue Pyrofish taking them home was docked, the Durotar traders plus Folish scientists, & arcanists came walking down towards them "Oh & by the way that trader ship on the other side of the dock is the replacement from my nation to Durotar. I hope you can convince them to talk to us about a treaty of some sort. I best regards out to y'all on that too."
  8. "I myself cannot guarantee my king will agree or not. But I do know he is a very understandable man, that is commonly misunderstood. Thus would require your nations leader & that ally leader, of the nation your helping right now. How many days do you think it will take to hold a meeting? Once your leaders can answer that, the Red Whale I will be sending alongside you guys will navigate y'all back to our homeland."
  9. Cus we ran out of time, & there was more questions that he wanted to ask. Also he would like to have the show recorded this time, cus Denison bailed out of the blue (Deni had irl/ other more stuff that came up).
  10. This is a reminder that I still would love to get my second shot on explaining myself.
  11. "We study both, but not to bring pain to the world. Only to defend those we truly care for, like close family, friends, co-workers, allies & more. Through our research of technology & arcana, we honestly mean for the better of the world. If anything goes wrong we always try to have a backup plan. Gladly we are usually successful, but we have our share of failers. Like everyone else."
  12. I was a senior in high school this past year & I usually did pretty well. My fails only include essays that force me to think in unlikely situation. But back on the good side, I've taken all construction & woodworking classes available plus an interior design as well as math up to AP Stats 😜
  13. Well, my regards are fully sent to Commonwealth-sphere & may those corrupt angels get what they deserve
  14. "My people study into technology & magic, especially the dark arts. And hearing of the situation ongoing in Rokkenjima, we have worries of it being blamed on us. Especially after our king sent out an anonymous call to there & it not going well. For we also worry that others will also want our rich mineral & metal deposits."
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