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  1. Well I have a fire & Hellbent theme. If you browse closely thou I have some references to games, movies, & books in my nation. Wonder if y'all could find them all?
  2. A teenage girl w/ an AK-47, but shouldn't be trusted w/ a gun in the 1st place...
  3. 1.Thx for the appreciation maan 2. Id recommend the same thing for some of your fellow associates *cough cough* *stares @ Change* Can confirm myself
  4. Hey, you made the og comment. Not my fault you made a comment about basic smarts when y'all don't like thinking over things yourselves.
  5. Neither were you & your company. In fact, y'all are worse. At least we have people of the SWAMP, Rose-sphere, Commom-sphere, & some in between to sort out the chaos.
  6. I'm just checking in on how yall are doing?
  7. Welcome to the amazing & crazy universe of Orbis, maan!
  8. OOC: Hey I just thought RPing was about inclusivity for the people, comprising/working along cus something usually does not go as planned, & having fun. Idk if @Eva-Beatrice says that none of what I posted happened. If not, then that's the opposite of what I believe in based on my 1st statement. If yes then we should make a comprise & continue onward.
  9. OOC: Unless that nation is lacking the technology another nation has. I was also basing it off my NationStates Nation too.
  10. OOC: Then what is the point of RPing when most is set in stone? It basically makes this not roleplaying sub-forums but story telling sub-forums. The point of RPing is to performs ones part in association to the expectations set for one & by oneself. I was just going with my plan of revealing my country's existence based on my country's back story. I guarantee that I will help Rokkenjima than harm!(Hint at my next update).
  11. As she answered her phone, she noticed several plumes of red smoke coming from above getting closer & closer at each second seemingly closing in on the building. Strange? None of the defense systems alerted of any unidentified aerial objects passing through Rokkenjima...Unless... At that moment, Eva could recognize they were all living beings from human to elf to dragonborn & more wearing special equipment that has not been seen before that made them bob & weave through air with ease. Seconds later, they crashed through the windows on the floor above, below & the one she is on. A few of them landed in front of her which she noticed each wearing a bionically armored wing suit with mini rocket packs attached to the back. Then an elf in front of them started to speak... "Lady Beatrice, our lord would like to talk to you." He clicked a button on the left of his chest. "Patrol secure the location."
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