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  1. I took 2 hours to go through the wiki, take notes, then whittle down to my conclusion. I obviously above listed all alliances that were allied plus fighting alongside IQ during NPOLT that are still around today. Then after reading through how the war went, I weeded out the one's that peaced but never switched fighting sides (All bolded aa's never truly switched sides, some went neutral at best that switched allies, but never joined the battle again). You guys in BW can't deny that you guys still fought for a long stretch with heavy influence besides IQ. Majority of you were able to seek out peace but then got back stabbed, which only Carth & OWR by forum & wiki never rejoined on the premise against IQ (chose to stay neutral which has it's suspicions on why since it's technically unknown to most why).
  2. At least it's nice to hear OWR owning up to themselves, although rejecting history will only lead to repeats of it. For example, what Carth called upon as CB to Cam alongside Nexus dogpiling Cam. We all got a head (some more or less mentally challenged), use what you got at your disposable or face consequences.
  3. Are you guys fv¢kiπg serous?! There are still plenty of those alliances around today but most of the old guard is gone. Ex-IQ includes: Black Knights The Commonwealth United Purple Nations Carthago Camelot Polaris Goon Squad Order of the White Rose The Syndicate House Stark Church of Atom The Fighting Pacifists Alpha The United Armies United Socialist Nations Dark Brotherhood Strickland Propane Reference Link: https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/NPO's_Last_Time Actually, still quite a few of the old guard is around, w/ heavy influence still in a selection of them. What's even worse is this basically prove y'all at Backwater are hella hypocrites for saying you want revenge when most of you took part for quite a while supporting IQ. Yes I understand you guys dropped out then got brought in by your ex allies attacking you. Although their are elephants in the room of Blackwater whom are Carth & OWR who fought one side though peacing as well treaty changes. Other aa's that also stuck through on IQ even with peace include: BK, UPN, Polar, GS, Alpha, USN, DB, & SP.
  4. I know right? You can't even see your own seething dismissive irony which is quite a shame. Must always resort to altruistic narcissism. Always trying to make something look bad just so you appear higher and mightier. Truth be told, you're doing more harm than good cuz it only causes more drama and division, something you like to see so you can come in futher to "help settle" the situation. Maybe you & your dopes will dismiss/deny/circumvent anything I just said just to make yourselves look better. Maybe y'all will let it sink in for once only to be quieter for awhile. This goes out to anyone like this (*ahem* especially TKR/ASM & co). The choice is yours after all how you choose to go forth.
  5. Why thank you kind sire, someone's got to be able to see through the altruistic Marxism of political correctness. It's mostly a bunch of hypocritical elitist multiculturism hogwash anyways. Someone's also got to put the least unbiased facts/rationality over thoughts/feelings. Fun Fact: The truth is supposed to hurt so it gives us purpose to change for a better. Ramming someone for not agreeing (even in the slightest) while (minimalistically) trying to enforce ideology is bulling as well show of hypocritic elitism.
  6. Cuz TKR & ASM w/ associates have a hard on for making it clear what they do and don't like as well policing what they don't. Aka being big bodied & mouthed brutes that are compensating for their sensitivities/insecurities. They'd mostly rather blame/"fix" outward than looking at themselves.
  7. Would you like some salt, pepper, & butter with that?
  8. Go ask @Greene, I left on my own will n behalf. It's also known that I'm still close to what is currently Taith (Lazarus).
  9. Don't worry, almost all of the stuff that was taken sexist (even outside of my own comments) was taken down to, cuz this is the type of day and age we live in. You know, we live in a day and age where others freedoms like speech are overridden by means of others safety. When ppl's "safety" is constantly overriden in that matter for freedom of another, overall it weakens both safety and Liberty. Even that video about Notbeinadic was taken down which completely proves the whole point of the video. Edit: It's even being proved more for the fact that Adri was the first to react, especially by downvote Edit 2: Oh no! Here comes the ASM Hate speech police! What ever shall I do? 😱
  10. Food made with TLC my unshaven a$$! By slow cooked to perfection, you mean so slow cooked that it still came out raw? Not to mention that you replaced Whitney Houston's special powder than sugar in the batter recipe?! Understandable that both will get you a high alert feeling buzz but one is definitely going to be obvious when every other customer is walking out with wide-eyed bloodshot eyes midst their body moving like a walking seizure. For shame on Los Pollos as well it's associates. For shame!!!
  11. The people I mentioned including myself all have our heated feuds between us, that have been quite publicized. Hollywood can't really say shit either with their history at the beginning of Gun's and Roses as well HM's attitude from their history that rubbed off on HW. Then there's Dusty's actual background that both BF & SMC, now WH can confirm, along with all the other people affected with his shenanigans.
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