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  1. Life can be paradise but we all got to accept the harsh realities at some points. Pick through the pieces of failure/negativity work towards success/positivity. Use negativity as a place to work from but never be stuck in while positivity as a place to be. Be thankful for what we got, for the road ain't never easy. Being able to dream towards the wholesomeness in this life with family, friend, and acquaintanced support. We are never truly alone as long as we work from a dream.
  2. You even got me & Greene of most people to agree with you.
  3. Actually, I wasn't trolling at all, I said that in full sincerity. 😕 Nor am I ex-IQ from that era, I was an ally, but not full IQ(just look at my Nation page).
  4. & I thought you were originally on his side... What makes you change the swing of your sword?
  5. Ik exactly what you meant, it seems you don't understand what I mean bud
  6. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth has been proven unjust, immoral, even immature over and over again in current history.
  7. @Astryl Jazz meh boi, Tar and all the other people trying to talk you down over and over again are just trying to bait and Flame ya. They kept pulling just drag you into their trap to make you look like a fool to the rest of the community, cuz that's how Orbis works sadly. Just stop responding to them so you aren't feeding their flames.
  8. He's just trying to bait and Flame at this point
  9. I have a bunch of emotes downloaded on my phone & PC. Also, we are only human, we lose more than we win, which is the way we learn
  10. Welcome back dear ole chap. Your post is very well written that I giveth to you my highest regards. Although since you are GOONS, you are definitely going to be facing hard destructive criticism no matter how hard you explain.
  11. Where exactly? Pretty sure I said I tend to be brutally honest, barely any sweetner.
  12. Mmm yes, my mods plus myself shouldn't react sternly yet instead sweetly to the ppl we polled even mingled w/ for two weeks about how & when it should be done. The server may be dead at times but it's the sugar-coated attitudes that tend to hinder points in situations. It doesn't help there are ppl also getting mad at us mods (even a certain purple mod) for trying to make the server more active. That should be a great thing, not bad. Plus, I'm a guy that's brutally honest, usually no sweetening. Just cuz I am that way doesn't mean I'm inconsiderate, cuz there's other ways to show/discuss. Ronny, just cuz you're a well known older member of the community, doesn't give you the backstage pass to shit on whomever you please, same goes for all who have bloated self importance that push there weight around (especially the newbies, sit down and learn/watch dibbuns). Besides that, keep my thread clean jack-offs. Trying to create a new dazzling amusement atmosphere for entertainment galore, not resentful trolling debate hour.
  13. Classic Havgle, assume w/o asking background. If you actually scroll through thy channel, you'll notice that we were planning an event for a while that not many signed up. Even with plenty of time given for activity sign up. Wouldn't you be a little frustrated if you took tine to plan an event, advertise it over a set amount of time,& get barely anyone to respond w/in set timeframe? (We planned for a whole week and then gave another week to sign up). You're horrible even scummy at trying to bring people down that makes you fully cringe. It's even worse that you enjoy others in harm's way aka you're a schadenfreude(German terminology that's treated as a mental illness). Definitely not something to be proud of ya cringe master damage-joyster
  14. Evening my lovely people. I am happy to inform y'all that Guild of the Netherworks will be adding entertainment game shows/events. I would like to try and do stuff like Family Feud, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Game Night, Who's Line is it Anyway, etc. My server's support team is talking out the events as well we are looking for event hosts. Hopefully we could hold events every so often as discussed. We are also looking for contestants to partake in the madness, and yes there will be prizes for winners(In-game rss, IRL $, Discord Nitro, & more). For any idea's, questions, even concerns, contact my support team through tickets, public chats, as well DM's. LET THE FUN N' GAMES BEGIN!!! https://discord.gg/PEsyV9m
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