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  1. Get out of alliance affairs. Also disband!
  2. Surprise surprise celestial gets rolled for a while and the whole war system suddenly gets a change proposed.
  3. But that defeats the purpose of cycling
  4. It might have just been the people assigned to you are in the European timezones
  5. Come on credit where credit is due. They seethed a LOT on the forums.
  6. Keyword one. I doubt nay know you couldn’t find even 10 of our members selling their infra for a gw. The point was that I get so sweaty from the heat 💀
  7. I don’t know where you live but I need to frickin shower after taking the trash out. No way in hell am I touching grass
  8. You do know that having a training alliance for people who drag your color trade block down is better for you?
  9. This is still not big enough to combat the Johnson hegemony
  10. It’s kinda interesting to see a lot of the flags in ukraines colors
  11. Imo points 1 and 5 are ok but 2,3,4 are worse than it already is.
  12. Keyboard warriors across Orbis assemble
  13. POV: angry poacher boy cares too much about a game
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