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[RoH] NAP Violation

Lord Tyrion

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3 minutes ago, Deborah Kobayashi said:

Is it really violating the NAP if neither bloc existed in the war and both have people from both sides?

Yeah, it's a blanket NAP. So nobody who fought in the last GW should be fighting anyone else who fought in the GW. It's not about the spheres but the alliances themselves.

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4 minutes ago, Thalmor said:

And the solution to the 'NAP violations' was to... give us a target rich environment.

Damn, really gonna show us lmao.

You just sound upset that TI and TFP have allies willing to jump in to help them out 

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"Last time this member hit us they countered our counters." kekw, You guys broke the nap by countering invalidly after the war you were countering for expired, so we countered your invalid counter. Don't go spouting that bs. See you when you're 700 infra. 

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