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  1. One Orbis year ago there was a plane crash. A Boeing 747 packed to the brim with people crash landed off the shores of Brazil. There were luckily only a handful of casualties but the landing was so abrupt that the entire crew and passengers were injured and brain damaged. No one knew who they were, where they were or what had happened involving the wreckage and burning debris... Aside from clothing and regular luggage, all that survived were several LPs and a turntable. One such LP was the self-titled Dire Straits album, with a song so great that they named their encampment after it and made i
  2. Lmao What's the weather like up there? When you guys were spewing your guts out and begging for our friendship that was you on a course for war was it??
  3. I think you're the one who doesn't have a pegleg to stand on
  4. Awwwh need backup, or is your upvote monkey doing a good enough job?
  5. I can't wait to have this quote in my nation description lmao
  6. I mean, you could well be talking to yourself there and I would be none the wiser
  7. That's one way of looking at it. However, another way is that we're keen to get on the action before they're actually a dead horse. There's no victory in this whatsoever. Even when Amarr are eventually zeroed. This is simply retribution that has been in the works for sometime, and it was easily preventable. Unfortunately, Amarr had not seized the opportunity to take it, and continuously threatened us war without backing it up with any action.
  8. inb4 it took you longer to notice that we declared war than it took us to notice you poached our IA
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