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  1. Happy Birthday for Amarr Empire, hooray!
  2. Well... at least SMC is at Disband-tier, too
  3. Cannot wait for someone to come along and blow this company's cover just like Arctic did to Taith 🀣
  4. And so, a stranger of the internet revealed the light of truth to everyone else who are on the internet. Well done Also, what's the deal with Greene and Grealind? It sounds like they are the same person, but on 2. discord pic, it sounds like they are two different people. Am I dumb or am I missing something?
  5. Warriors of Valhalla on D-tier? No way! Stratosphere Marine Corps, though let's be honest, there's no surprise on how they got to F-tier Jokes aside, SMC is okay lol
  6. Meh, give us something new. Jokes aside, very interested in this and like to read more of it
  7. Congrats! Wish you the best of luck
  8. 1. I'm replying to it 2. no 3. Why you asking me? Ask KECC 4. I think KT will still exist, just more badly governed.
  9. Wishing Oasis luck on the attack, and hopefully KT will learn their lesson: don't mess with Oasis
  10. Congratulations on the merge.
  11. Thank you for solving the case. Now we can rest easily without our damn brains waking us up.
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