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  1. scattered, smothered, covered and diced please
  2. Zig I have registered your profile pic as mine. Please pay 100 mil or I will sic the reroll on you
  3. Always a great show and Abigor is an awesome guest!
  4. This is great. Best DO ever. Rip W]
  5. Much respect Raoul, sorry about your friend.
  6. SNN never disappoints. I bet swamp gov chat has been interesting since the leak.
  7. Let me know how that works out for you
  8. look Dwight, your alliance is playing micro games!
  9. Later man, holler at me anytime (he'll be back)
  10. It would be hilarious if selling alliances became a thing. It would be even better you could sell one you aren't leader of. Boy do I have some deals for y'all!
  11. I see you found a few slots, congrats!
  12. Had a great time, fought some old friends and made some new ones. No salt from anybody. Now we peace out and get ready to see what the rebuilt world brings. GG everyone and GL on the rebuilds!
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