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  1. Good luck with the AA! It's nice to have you on orbis.
  2. Seems legit, and no need for BigG's old micro, we ain't letting him go
  3. No, Join Valyria, we need more souls I mean Ayyliens
  4. Who needs black magic? We have squires.
  5. @Evernt when are you couping Nevertheless, good luck man, hope everything goes well, Congratulations.
  6. Good ROH, a good one now lol, Good luck with the war, Eclipse.
  7. Congratulations! Hope the alliance goes well!
  8. Good luck with treaty, The Empire expands more.
  9. It's sad you left this game, I didn't know much about you, but I know you were a good person, good luck irl, Cheers.
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