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  1. This is against game rules. Real life things can not be sold for in game items. @Tudor Filip
  2. @Lury I believe that I also got a prize. I tried DMing you, but you did not respond. Please let me know how I can claim my prize.
  3. In these circumstances, I do not like to ask myself on why, but rather, "Why Not?".
  4. For those in need of city grants, low taxes, helpful advice, and now, Toilet Paper! Join Farkistan Today! https://discord.gg/MwFkwVb https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=1246
  5. Some Suggestions I Have In Mind:- 1. Start making the Moon and Space more important in the game (keep doing moon/space related things). 2. New military technology. It would be nice to add new units, and possibly make it possible to have military research allowing for better and more improved weapons. 3. New events. I would like to see some competitions or sports that could make the game more entertaining. (How about an Olympics?)
  6. The real first nation to land on the Moon is here. Everyone before AIR faked the moon landing! It's perfectly clear! The first three nations to land on the Moon did so within 20 minutes of Alex's announcement. This can not be enough time for Orbis to test all equipment, and successfully land. However, AIR landed 3 hours following the announcement. This is enough time for us to properly land. The only explanation, is that Frezasan, Do Not Fear Jazz, and Dwight k Schrute all faked their landings!
  7. Congratulations @Impreza! Can't wait to see what you do next!
  8. Let's Make the P&W Forums Great Again!!
  9. Beautiful name, so simple, and sophisticated. Welcome, to and!!
  10. I didn't say there's no one, there are a few, but those few, like you, should learn to move on from this game and just go to Nationstates. No war there, and it's slightly less fun.
  11. r/woooosh I don't think he agrees with you lol. Basically no one does.
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