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  1. We did it Orbis. We beat Emperor Jonas in dislikes.
  2. Interesting idea, though I'm not sure if it should relate to the actual in game concept. If it is implemented, at least for the time being I believe it should not play any role in terms of in game influence. As such, no consequences should happen due to these decisions. At this time, I think it should just be something on the side for fun.
  3. Agreed with all points. I further hope these changes may help towards an expansion of the Baseball community. Great job Greene!👍
  4. Hmm, takes 5 of the strongest alliances to take down Spanish Armada. Nice
  5. I don't think that was an error. The last logged into in 1970 could have been done on purpose...
  6. Hmm, interesting. Anyone placing bets?
  7. Nice. This is pretty interesting actually.
  8. Well, I would consider myself non-bias. I am a banker, but at the same time, I love raiders. I think they are an important part of game culture. In fact, I would be more than happy to serve on such a council.
  9. I do think that this will be a good idea if the right people are on it. The people on the Council must be non-bias. People who care for both alliance leaders and members. Raiders and farmers. Whales and fish. Major alliances and micros. The people on the council must have publicly shown their non-bias beliefs.
  10. Lol. I hope you realize that your members attacked first? In terms of our actions towards you, you should probably choose the right targets before attacking 😄
  11. To continue with my previous comment, it would not be fair at all for a minor bug to be worth the same as a super big exploit. So proper rigid guidelines should be made before this actually starts.
  12. I think it would be good to have an official definition of exploit. Is it just a simple bug, or does it have to be more major. The guidelines should specify how major it needs to be.
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