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  2. For those unaware, The Swing and The Orbit Stock Exchange (TOSE) as well as Bank of Evil, and other Swing assets/servers were completely burned/purged by Deraj, the CEO of Swing. If you had assets at TOSE/Swing companies, screenshot your most recent profile and send it to The IBC. A link to it can be found here... https://discord.gg/re9aEaPszB If you had shares in any particular business, join that individual business' Discord. Unfortunately Deraj has VMed so no Scam DoE, best we can do at this time however is help with getting people their money back. Some businesses on
  3. Achievement Unlocked: Activate a Secret Treaty Jk lel, good luck to Oasis and have fun ❤️
  4. I Think The Real Question Is Why Can't Every First Letter For Each Word Be Capitalized? Smh Also, Yes, Arctic Wants More Money. Time To Crash P&W With Hyper-Inflation :Serious:
  5. Wasn't this the name of the treaty when IQ was announced... Oh no... Oh no
  6. Here's to no more ridiculously long NAPs! 🍻
  7. I was looking forward to seeing a cool rebrand Congrats nonetheless though on 1 year of existence haha
  8. I'm crying over this mastery of the Art of the Ayy. This is too good for P&W guys, we need to tone it back.
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