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  1. >tmw I was eating dinner at my brothers house
  2. Whose gonna naval me first.
  3. I was gonna camp your slot just for this post, but you're too small. 10 cities at 200 days... bruh. @Veinfound your multi
  4. Ngl didn't read the post, but all these sort of posts are the same. I cease to understand why people are stupid enough to trust their money in any bank but their own alliance bank. But I guess stupidity is the common denominator in PNW.
  5. Be ready for the answer of, "Just because the chance is astronomically low doesn't make it 0".
  6. Knights Templar Hereby Cancels Swamps Existence. TLDR; Knights Templar Declares Victory over Swamp and their unofficial war with us.
  7. That's not something be proud of kek
  8. I'd like to mention the alliance raiding these guys, was in fact, KKKT. Goddamn them!
  9. Bruh, alliance affairs 😐
  10. Alliance checks out Even better now!
  11. You're literally brain dead.
  12. Being better doesn't make us cheaters kek. Get in line.
  13. I was legit taking a quick nap irl. Covid has had my energy low asf for the past week.
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