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  1. only Eukaryotes can be defined as Parasites in biology, Bacteria & Viruses are defined simply as Pathogens with a parasitic way of life. Difference Between Parasite and Virus Definition Parasite: Parasite is an organism that feeds with parts or vital products from another living organism called host. Virus: Virus is a microscopic pathogen (between 15 to 350 nm) that infects cells in living organisms. Organization Parasite: Parasites are eukaryotic organisms. Virus: Viruses are not-cellular structures. Reproduction Parasite: Parasites are able to reproduce by sexual or asexual reproduction. Virus: Viruses are unable to reproduce independently, they only reproduce by controlling and subordinating living cells. Localization Parasite: The parasites can parasitize on the surface of the host’s body or inhabit different organs and tissues. They can come in contact with the host only to feed or use it as a permanent habitat. Virus: Viruses are active only in living cells.
  2. While I have to agree with Adrienne that the pace has definitely increased compared to 2018, I do think there should be more transparency when possible about projected timeframes & delays. like why was the alliance roles update delayed so long after first being confirmed? was this ever explained and I just missed it?
  3. Can you atleast disable it on mobile in the meantime, it is actually harder to reach the bottom of the page since I have to flick down to the bottom of the box before I can flick down to the nation information. Without the boxes its actually easier to get past long descriptions on mobile than with them..
  4. I like this idea, though id also seperate ITC and telecoms into commerce category, and the SPTP, GT, RI, CRC into civil category And when I had this idea originally I lumped AUP & UP with your "internal expansion" category as "Development"
  5. just a small QOL suggestion, it would be nice to add a setting to choose a default war type in account settings, instead of all war declare pages defaulting to ordinary. Ordinary is typically the least used war type, and a source of headaches when you have to finish a war in the wrong setting. so it would be nice to be able to choose raid for raiders or attrition for nukers & other agents of chaos by default on the declare page for their preferred war type.
  6. Im not going to jump into the ooc politics that this thread has devolved into quickly, as I dont think this is the place, but I have to agree with you completely. Not in the regard that there is too many alliances with communist policies/ideologies, I dont really have an issue with alliances being communist per se, but the ones whos names are just different combinations of the words "United, soviet, socialist, commune, nations, republics" are just bleh, They lack any form of creativity or originality. I dont have an issue with communist alliances like ASM, atleast not on their theme, but there are too many alliances where the extent of their theme is "I'm communist, my name is USN#83, I will not merge with the 82 other USNs"
  7. Thank you, not only did this fix the treaty issues it also cut down the load time for our alliance page and the rich text editor on our edit alliance panel. edit alliance panel was taking around 7 to 15 minutes to load, and I was assuming that was just from my slow internet, now it loads in less than a minute. 😅
  8. The Weak are meat and the Strong do Eat. 🍖 🥓 🥩
  9. Even if you wanted to go solo you'd still need an alliance to yourself for the bank, and a reliable offshore. No alliance means all your stuff is on hand, no offshore means all your stuff is in your bank, either of these things will attract many raiders, even if you yourself are a raider, until you are picked clean to the bone. I understand the opposition to taxes, thats why my alliance doesnt have taxes by default (and even when we do these are just direct deposits into your bank account not ours), however most alliances without taxes expect you to raid for your own money and borrow what you need against your deposits' value. If you are looking for an alliance that provides grants and aid programs they will have taxes, just be wary of who you join, if they have taxes expect to be there long term as you will be debt trapped and forced to grow out of range of the easy raid profits that could get you out of debt. If you are interested in raiding & no taxes join an alliance like mine (NukaWorld), Space Invaders or Arrgh (though arrgh is probably not the best place for newer players to learn) If you are interested in grants and more conventional style alliances go with The Knights Radiant, Chocolate Castle, Black Knights, or any top 20 that feels like a good fit (id recommend asking some third parties about anyone before you choose, not just their abilities as an alliance, but also their communities and reputation) Micros can be fun and are easier to be promoted in, so as a smaller nation you may be attracted to them over the bigs, but most dont know what they are doing and should be avoided, those freedoms they offer you come at the price of you wasting money on bad decisions and never really learning anything. Most of them also have bad banking practices and dont know how to offshore or budget things. Join these alliances only if you are interested in being raided by alliances like mine. especially avoid micros with taxes and no offshore or protector. I actually recommend joining a low tax raider alliance first even if you want to join the grants/conventional alliance later, as you can reach the 100 wars won/lost project slot and build up a sizeable personal wealth stockpile much easier at c5 than at the city counts most alliances will rush you to build to. Alliances that fund to only c10 are also worthless as far as grants go, as you could've just raided that much in less than 14 days even with just average loot targets at c3 to c5.
  10. When I click the propose new treaty button it will not open, I thought maybe it was an issue with my device or connection so I asked some of my government staff to do the same, yet it doesn't work for any of them either, had one of our gov move from a vassal who was able to do it on their control panel but even they had the same issue when in NukaWorld. Issue has been going on for a few months now, atleast for me. If anyone knows a workaround link that will send the treaty via url or something let me know.
  11. While im not the biggest fan on making taxes encoded to be opt-in (even though that works perfectly for my alliance where they are already an opt-in system ), I suppose the meta would just become that alliances with mandatory taxes would kick a nation that refuses to opt-in after a few days, so I dont oppose it and I see how it could work. though it does hurt my usage of taxes as punishment for not following raid requirements(and previously for Raid Policy violations when I had a raid policy) So I would say I neither strongly agree with nor strongly oppose it
  12. Yeah I was a little confused by the strong opposition to that one, since any alliance that isn't closed to applications would likely answer the question of tax rates if asked by a potential applicant, so it wouldn't be that hard to figure out for most. Also to any alliance that thinks those things opsec, checking your projected revenue and doing an intel op before and after a turn change would give up the secrets of tax rates.
  13. If you move from member to applicants and move them them back they used to keep their seniority, not sure if this is still the case. but I never knew about that and didn't think about that possible exploit. So i guess I understand it better now, though a 1 - 2 turn exemption instead would close that loophole. They used to be able to, but alliances would move beiged apps back to member to tax them 100 100, and some would drop out of their alliance to raid their own apps to beige them for that very purpose, so that was changed. Funnily enough my alliance doesnt actually have taxes by default, as we run a warehouse economy. Any opt-in taxes go into their deposit account. I thought about most of these suggestions mainly due to another suggestion I saw from a newer player confused about taxes.
  14. When a player opens the Join menu on an alliance, there should be an info box editable by the alliance, where requirements for application or other information they need applicants to know, like to apply on discord, can be posted (or as an alternative, a DM sent to their inbox when they click join, or both) Many new players click to apply to alliances that require them to apply on discord, this requirement is usually in the alliance description but there is no guarantees they read the whole description, especially newer players just trying to find a place to accept them and start playing. I feel like many larger alliances typically ignore applicants that don't follow their requirement to apply on discord or applicants that don't meet other requirements like city count, and this leads to new players quitting. With an infobox/message this may alleviate some of this and help players understand why they aren't being accepted, as well give alliances a place to give requirements and some general info that applicants need to know.
  15. A couple of suggestions related to alliance taxes: Show default taxes on the join screen so new players understand the tax rate (for possible security reasons alternative is a notification explaining their new tax rate when accepted) Since new players will be made aware of default taxes when joining, remove the 2 day seniority requirement for taxes to begin Give a notification when your tax bracket has been changed Currently this appears in the alliance activity but could be quickly hidden from a member and switched back before they notice, allowing abuse. End color based tax Exemptions, Replace with activity based tax exemptions Greys dont pay taxes because grey is the inactive color, Bieges were made exempt later due to abuse by alliances taxing biege inactives and moving them back and forth to applicant. Obviously the reason for tax exemptions is inactivity, so instead of doing it in this roundabout way, make greys and bieges still pay taxes if they are active, and make tax exemption based on last login instead (however long it takes to turn grey now for example) Separate Taxes for RSS Two options on how to implement: Money/Raw resource/MFG/Uranium/food Or a bracket for each individual resource to make things easier for alliances that dont want these separate and/or have many bracket if the other resource tax rates are left blank it defaults to the raw resource rate, only the money and resource rate have to be filled when making/changing brackets
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