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  1. This is probably quite literally the only nation so far that I've seen that has gone this far without warning. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=312479 Legionry Romania was the [email protected]#$/Fascist Government of Romania during WW2. His ground forces are named after the SS who committed tons of war crimes. His general, admiral and Air force commander is named after individuals of the fascist regime of Germany.
  2. I'm glad Red was here to make his mark on pnw, he made a lot of good friends along the way and he even made the lives of people better. May you rest in peace Red
  3. If Polaris has always been at war with Hand of Fate, you wouldn't be an alliance.
  4. Clock and ball torture from politicsandwar, a real time strategy game at www.politicsandwar.com clock and ball torture is a war activity involving torture of Alex's Game mechanics this may involve directly pain activities such as farming, bloating, and meat shielding. The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via machoism, through knowledge that the play pleasing to a micro dominant, image: CBT tried on micros, nanos and bloated alliances. Contents section 1: in Bloated fashion section 2: Dogpiling coverup section 3: clocking. in addition to it's occasional role in Black Knights Stereotype, Territorial ambitions maple, Clowning Clown, Muslim Gek, Winga of the Woo and Vadering Vader. One notable Actress in Black Knights Stereotype is Yosodog, who typically uses her martial art skills to knee or kick bloated alliances in the inactive section. Section 2: Clocking overextension is a mechanic of going across the entire fking continent to slap someone on the ears (worst possible damage extremely painful)
  5. Banking? More like Thanking warn me now moderation
  6. The knights radiant You guys are not knights nor a radiant, the only radiant you guys are giving off is radioactive radiates. Also the greatest showman is a shit movie
  7. Right here it says Terrorism, Tojo committed Terrorism in the Pacific and Asian Countries. Tojo is a racist slur in japan While it does say it died out, it doesn't mean it's not used anymore, Another thing, Co-Prosperity Sphere is defined as a Military Bloc used for Colonization and Manipulation, this might be offensive to other Asians such as Koreans or Chinese for the fact that they suffered and were suppressed.
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=176701 Reason: Hideki Tojo was a evil man like Hitler, committed ton of warcrimes and efforts to expansion into Asia with policies of enslaving locals.
  9. Hello Orbis, I, Wingawoo the great has achieved peace in this game for 24 hours. I proclaim the new world order!
  10. Science is a lie return to the monke
  11. hi everyone im new Yes I boosted RON to send a meme
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