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  1. all in favour of a 5 day siege to roll @Phoenyx
  2. I agree with belgium, like people who just put this kind of stuff in other sections, they could've put this in off topic, TCM dropping it's protecterate with taith that is more interesting with this because this has a valid reason to, please stop shit posting in central
  3. I havent seen this kind of stupid stuff ever in my life, i dont hate you guys i dont see this coming that so seriously, you guys have been allies for long and after 8 days of fighting while im getting missiles up my a** and you guys finally thought to come in, were at 1 trillion and you finally decide to come in after we got done taking the trash out im getting, one man blitz, and now this, honestly stupid, just stupid. i could see blind people doing better then you guys
  4. Oh Dear god, Maybe we should leave them on the moon so they dont affect us with there bad ideas
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