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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=180159
  2. I know someone who had 3.2k infra at 17 cities. Pls nuke.
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=180159 War Dodger. Pls nuke.
  4. Congrats to tS, and good luck with the new sphere.
  5. Honestly, we should be able to track spies, if we put in the extra work. It gives the game another dimension, and make it more complex/interesting.
  6. I agree. My condolences to all the Rose members whose gov chose to stay passive and hug pixels instead of going on the offensive.
  7. Can you Ask Alexio to confirm this?
  8. Only person I'm interested in/is worth blitzing is @Vein.
  9. TRM

    Slot filling

    @Ducc Zucc is my PnW lawyer though.
  10. TRM

    Slot filling

    Know what a joke is? Definitely. Then I decided that I like being rich. Mkay, cool story.
  11. TRM

    Slot filling

    What do IRL transactions have to do with me or Oblivion? Don't try and associate me with EM. As for the accusation of OB slotfilling me so I wouldn't get raided.... huh? May I again remind you that I still had a defensive slot left, and I didn't actually depo anything since they hit, nor did I trade since that time. I don't plan on doing either one either, so get outta here with that BS. Deulos and yourself trying to report me because my bloc and I are rolling you both is using moderation as a weapon, so check yourself. As for Oblivion's reason for hitting me, our drama is our own, and neither one of us are obliged to justify it to either of you two. Mind your own business.
  12. I got muted on the forums due to not having a matching name, although I had a matching link/nation ID. I've changed my name ingame, and am requesting to be unmuted on the forums. Idk where else to write this, so, here goes...
  13. Hmmm, Oasis getting a little thicc.
  14. It's a new trend. If you want attention, announce that you are leaving in alliance affairs. If you are a pro like Nokia and Wingawoo, you can do it multiple times, and get away with it.
  15. Fund? I think not. "War profiteering" is the term you are looking for.
  16. Improvements will remain after the Infrastructure is destroyed. He bought to at least 2700 infra, got those improvs, and then got rolled multiple times. His Infrastructure was destroyed, but most of his improvements remained.
  17. When do we celebrate the anniversary of the creation of #farmers-only though?
  18. Someone looking for attention, aka Nokia 2.0.
  19. At this point, I question who should be protecting who. CoA protecting Minesome, or the other way around? :serious:
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