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ODN Peace


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Who is even left fighting?

"If we have no choice but to fight, than I'd rather fight for the good guys. I'd rather burn on the side of justice and morals, than greed and gluttony. Justice must be upheld and order must be given to a broken world. Rose must survive because without Rose than evil shall reign. Rose needs warriors, will you aid the empire?"


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Congrats on peace. 

It's too bad your "friends" abandoned you after dragging you through an eight month war, leaving your alliance to endure lasting hardship all for nothing.  

Chief Financial Officer of The Syndicate

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Much respect ODN, the last legitimate alliance of coalition B ( was still in war and not planning on quitting) you should all be very proud, we need more alliances Like ODN.

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"We the unwilling, led by the unqualified to kill the unfortunate, die for the ungrateful."

how it felt having the be allied with damned NPO. just voicing my opinion for having to go along with there shenanigans.

as a member of ODN who has stayed silent for so long. no more of this the MDP needs to end and we need different allies i have no control but just trying to point things in the right direction.

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