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  1. My condolences on the passing of your father, I'm sorry for your loss
  2. Now I'm not expert but isn't your name a trademark infringement? hmm?
  3. Putting aside all the damned saltiness from the circlejerking feckers in this thread, I had quite the fun this time around. A few of my opponents were good sports, and I really appreciated it. Thanks for the fun, and may we meet again next time o7
  4. Maybe add stats for innocent mass murders (aka tallying up the people you killed in nuclear strikes) Just thought it was an interesting little thing to suggest 😛
  5. Someone teach me how to count because I think I counted 200 alliances in this bloc
  6. Never thought I'd say this but, drain the swamp?
  7. I'll miss you man. Hopefully we can appeal your ban, it was a little excessive.
  8. 90% of the people mentioned:
  9. Happy new years to you too.
  10. An unfunny meme so people get their click's worth
  11. "What have I learned?" you ask. Well, I learned to immediately downvote forum posts from an individual named Phoenyx. The fastest hand in the west, they say. "Anything else?" No, nothing else.
  12. Almost thought this was a post from Phoenyx ngl Well said though. I actually bothered to read it ❤️
  13. the moment i saw the title in the rss feed i knew who posted
  14. Can't you...... DM hime-sama .....?
  15. Don't. You can conclude to yourself all you want. Don't ramble in the forums where many many people keep watch for important threads. In case you didn't notice (or perhaps you've noticed but you've decided you are just too important to shut up), nobody really cares about your posts. We can tolerate a few threads of legitimate content, but you're posting wayyy too much watery content. In the past 10 days you've posted 7 topics (so nearly 1/day), taking a look at those topics: First post: 2 : 2 (upvotes to downvotes) Second post: 4 : 3 Third post: 2 : 10 Fourth post: 2 : 3 Fifth post: 3 : 3 Sixth post: 3 : 7 The most recent post: 0 : 7 Yep, I think it's safe to say nobody really wants to hear from you. Please take your stuff elsewhere as this isn't your private forum.
  16. This is the part where I write a script to denounce someone every 10 minutes. >:)
  17. Thats not the point. there are important threads here and I'd like them to not be under a pile of Phoenyx's useless posts.
  18. Can we get like a forum mute for this guy? Like for ****s sake man stop ****ing posting
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