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Double the Syndicate; Double the Dividends

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9 minutes ago, Kilgore said:

Ffs it's not Leopold it's Leopard. 


2 minutes ago, Lucas said:

Double the Syndicate. Twice the consolidation. 

Double the syndicate. Twice as many coups.

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40 minutes ago, Slimer said:

*tries to think of stock exchange joke for 30 mins* uhhhhh i'd like to buy 1 share plz

I'll buy your 1 share back from you at half the price

Anyhow, nice to see T$ doing stuff again.Y'all are gonna make the best E-centric protectorate

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I think it is always interesting to see alliances split into 2.0s in this fashion. I've seen it a ton of times even in other simulation games and its a process that either works or it doesn't. We did it back in that other alliance, not even sure if its around still, Guardians of the Galaxy. Didn't work  - but its always fun to try.

Wish y'all luck! Feed those lil fishies.

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I always agree to anything that will help involve more people to the mass deletion of Black Knights membership. #Undefeated #MarketTakeover

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