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  1. Pulled up the damage stats, you're negative and do less damage than you take from your beiges.
  2. Well, you know, this thread is pretty toxic already but... Good luck in your wars guys! Have fun!
  3. Can I help you, my good man.
  4. @Nizam Adrienne I am very, very jealous. Dance with me.
  5. It really says something when this is the largest thread by far in the midst of a decently sized war. jfc.
  6. see, the initial declaration post, which is a fairly detailed text, when actually read might tell you something of the reasons behind the declaration. Maybe
  7. Senry

    Argos DOE

    How many is that this year?
  8. Senry

    Project D

    I miss you, Hooves. ;___;
  9. I feel like this war has affected me personally and demand all belligerents either buy my git gud guide (GG, G) or pay me a sum of $5,000,000.00 (FIVE MILLION ORBIS DOLLARS).
  10. Daily reminder that Dio was right the whole time. #AheadOfHisTime
  11. Just like one of those feel-good anime!
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