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  1. Senry

    Let's Dance!

    Can I help you, my good man.
  2. I do have a heart. For you.
  3. Senry

    Let's Dance!

    @Nizam Adrienne I am very, very jealous. Dance with me.
  4. Senry

    Plot Und Panzer

    It really says something when this is the largest thread by far in the midst of a decently sized war. jfc.
  5. see, the initial declaration post, which is a fairly detailed text, when actually read might tell you something of the reasons behind the declaration. Maybe
  6. Senry

    Argos DOE

    How many is that this year?
  7. Senry

    Project D

    I miss you, Hooves. ;___;
  8. Senry

    The candles burn the brightest.

    I feel like this war has affected me personally and demand all belligerents either buy my git gud guide (GG, G) or pay me a sum of $5,000,000.00 (FIVE MILLION ORBIS DOLLARS).
  9. Daily reminder that Dio was right the whole time. #AheadOfHisTime
  10. Senry

    Long Live the Queen!

    Just like one of those feel-good anime!
  11. Senry

    Long Live the Queen!

    Upvote me too, dangit.
  12. Senry

    Ape and NK

    :sweating: open bob?
  13. Senry


  14. Y'know what, with all said and done, I'm just glad my alliance's name got into the title of a forum thread 2 pages long. #skwadgoalz

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