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  1. Good luck to my friends in The Syndicate, and my fellow ex-Britannians taking part in this venture!
  2. Can confirm. HBE disbanded Mensa, HBE is no longer around.
  3. I've got some bots in range. I'll hook you up with one of their passwords so you can do it as long as you rebuild any damages and repay for any losses when you're done.
  4. These losers are back to be irrelevant some more. Can't wait to see how I'll screw with them next.
  5. o/ Lordship Let me know when we're hitting up Fujiya to celebrate your retirement.
  6. Wait, which article III? There are 2...
  7. I don't think you know what a democracy is.
  8. But why does their theme have to be from Warcraft? They decided on a theme change just like VE -> Guardians of the Galaxy. What's the issue exactly? Lordran is from Dark Souls. It's a pretty good theme change given the reputation Dark Souls has. Good luck to Lordran, hopefully they live up to their namesake.
  9. Who the hell is going to waste all their infra cash and resources for a shot at winning some pocket change?
  10. No! Shhhh. Everything is black and white. Always!
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