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  1. Good luck to my friends in The Syndicate, and my fellow ex-Britannians taking part in this venture!
  2. Can confirm. HBE disbanded Mensa, HBE is no longer around.
  3. I've got some bots in range. I'll hook you up with one of their passwords so you can do it as long as you rebuild any damages and repay for any losses when you're done.
  4. These losers are back to be irrelevant some more. Can't wait to see how I'll screw with them next.
  5. o/ Lordship Let me know when we're hitting up Fujiya to celebrate your retirement.
  6. Wait, which article III? There are 2...
  7. I don't think you know what a democracy is.
  8. But why does their theme have to be from Warcraft? They decided on a theme change just like VE -> Guardians of the Galaxy. What's the issue exactly? Lordran is from Dark Souls. It's a pretty good theme change given the reputation Dark Souls has. Good luck to Lordran, hopefully they live up to their namesake.
  9. Who the hell is going to waste all their infra cash and resources for a shot at winning some pocket change?
  10. No! Shhhh. Everything is black and white. Always!
  11. 34 with 100% humidity is not warm. It's sweat your balls off hot. I'll pass on that shit. You can come down here and I'll take your comfy life in Canada and you'll never have to deal with Trudeau again down here. =p
  12. So? I don't live in the southern hemisphere. It was 27 degrees in autumn for me last night. I wish my springs could be so cool.
  13. Why are you assuming I would get pulled over in the first place? I got that turbo.
  14. Except I'm not. I live here. I wasn't born in FL, or the US for that matter, and English is my second language.
  15. If it was meant to be a question then the answer is because attacking someone you have specifically agreed to not attack under any circumstances is scummy af.
  16. As a general rule of thumb, HBE does not post cancellations. I've heard TKR doesn't either. When TKR cancelled us, notice was not posted on the OWF. Point being, I don't know if they have or not or if they will. Don't care either. But it's none of your business or anyone else's besides TKR and NK's.
  17. So because you lack honor and would attack someone you have a NAP with, means TKR should too?
  18. Okay so even if they were planning to cancel, did you know that they would have to wait 72 hours before they could attack? Has it been 72 hours yet?
  19. I didn't know HW and Political Pirates had a non-aggression pact like TKR and NK do. /s
  20. It's the middle of the night in Autumn though... 27 degrees in the middle of the night in the middle of October is relatively hot. But it's not spring. It's Autumn. And it's the middle of the night. The sun isn't even out.
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