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  1. Good job! It might stop you further embarrassing yourselves. (Don't reply to this otherwise you are a naughty GOON)
  2. I can tell you know nothing about Alex's 'policy' on the game. Blink was punished even though he shouldn't have been punished: he had played the game for a long time and benefited from nothing yet his nation was deleted. Speaking about what you know about would help make what you say more accurate.
  3. >'Just killed the game' > Enforcing rules We know you don't like rules (moral or literal) but that doesn't make his decision killing the game
  4. I completely agree but we shouldn't be so hasty to come to conclusions. If there was foul play involved, why would someone go through each nation and remove them and not just disband and delete?
  5. Long live The Commonwealth and her allies!
  6. I agree. I used to be able to express my distaste via a downvote. Now, I will have to post a comment. On a wider scale this would lead to more toxicity. #AddDownvotes #AddSadFaces
  7. Glad to see GOONS tackling the main issue of his post
  8. Sad that Coalition A leaders do not have their member's best interests at heart but have some mistaken pride
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