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  1. Neat. Your next goal - cross The (Hadrian's) Wall.
  2. Congrats Tim on reaching the first step to Valhalla, and Utmos for being our next great director. >OMG WHY DOES NO ONE ACTUALLY DO FUN RP STUFF TO MAKE THIS GAME NOT BORING >lmfao fam ain't nobody got time to read Ordinarily I'd try less hard, but choose one.* *choice does not guarantee t$ listening to the whims and desires of the peasantry
  3. I 100% support a motion of this nature.
  4. Zed

    Slot filling

    Ah, yes, reported by someone whose nation no longer exists.
  5. If I re-roll and only have 1 city plus an NPP, will you fund my venture so I can be as famous and successful as Fraggle?
  6. Wait, nations in Vacation Mode have the ability to post on the OWF? Why would you do this? Deadass y'all, why would you do this. If your nation is in VM, you are probably on holiday, or saving children in third-world countries, taking exams, or lawyering up after deleting Facebook and hitting the gym.
  7. >Actually thinking I would Join MI6. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/648/220/67b.jpg
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4WO0mirjlQ
  9. I'd agree Ayyslamic Crusade is deffo a Global War by most standards, but Strategic Arms Limitation Talks is rather hard to judge. It's not quite a second front, but it's not a side show like most micros engage in. I do also think that if the game wants to expand, some serious retention mechanisms for new players need to be devised. The number of registrants who stay is staggeringly low.
  10. For the love of Sheepy/Roz/Steve/Partisan/Hippo/Zeebrus/Ur Mum Big Gaye/Kastor/Shifty/Roquentin/Insert Player Here Who Mad I Left Them Out Which Is Most Of You Anyway... I would be totally unable to white girl even if people decided to do this. inb4 people already do with RL politics inb4 KT/tTO/BeeKaayslam does it already
  11. Zed


    I'm just here for the comments.
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