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  1. This post might be a bit silly with recent happenings, but here we go. A large part of the issue we had around the end of the NAP was that the incentives for almost anyone to hit anyone just were not there. I would imagine that the only war that might have made some sense was Swamp v Oasis given their beef, but that still left three other major spheres plus some unaligneds out in the wind. While that could be fine, there is a good argument that those were the 4th and 5th most influential of the five major spheres; hardly the stuff of major global wars or politics. Even if you got tha
  2. I, for one, support this.
  3. Orange Alliance Bad DRAIN THE SWAMP!
  5. I will not lie to you and say that I remembered this, because I did not. I know there were imports from there which reformed under a different aegis here, and many of them blended multiple communities together. Fair play.
  6. I am not a fan for the reason that in CN, more or less, resources were the marketplace. They also had interesting ties to color politics, especially when you could not change your resources. In this game we have a marketplace which is dynamic based on how players configure their nations and their resources. In this game we already have a marketplace, one which I think is way better than that other game, and to be honest it would be better to improve it directly rather than add something layered on top. I think it would be more interesting if some of these proposed commodities or whatanot
  7. It is unfortunate that it came to this, but it had to be done.
  8. The alliance I spent my CN career in was usually a friend and close ally of IRON. I have many good memories of working with IRON there; some of them even tie over to color unity and politics that I appreciate in this game (just I swapped Orange for Green). The Syndicate itself has had players from CN IRON in it as well, and some of them are very influential players of IRON even today. All of them were wonderful members of our community, and I would not mind seeing them again. I stand by that. What I am not a fan of, and why I had a more cold response, is why you would choose to import a c
  9. Imagine using the same theme across games, especially when the recent history of your alliance in one game is being a principal ally of another alliance which violated the rules in another game that you now are going to and showed absolutely no remorse or regret for it.
  10. Because we all know that Partisan does not retire, and will merely be back to lead t$ FA in like a year or two after we've put in some random IA/MilCom people to do it first. amirite
  11. Alliance of the Year: Black Knights Most Powerful Alliance: Grumpy Old Bastards Most Improved Alliance: Black Knights Best Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): Error 404 Most Missed Alliance: Mensa HQ Best Alliance for New Players: The Enterprise Most Honorable Alliance: House Stark Most Immoral Alliance: Guinea Pig Whaling Corp Most Controversial Alliance: Camelot Biggest Warmongers: Mythic Biggest Pixel-Huggers: Yarr Worst Fighting Alliance: Rose Best Alliance Growth: The Syndicate Biggest Alliance Decline: New Pacific Order Most Likely to Succeed in 2021: Arrgh Most Likely
  12. Wow we really do need to Fire Vero for these leaks. Congrats and condolences to all. It has been wonderful all around.
  13. Partisani Doctrine requires a Green Enforcement Agency. Make it happen, please.
  14. > including Leo and Adri but not me I am incredibly hurt by this turn of events. Therefore I must call for retribution to my grievances, which I will do as follows: ALEXIO OF THE AMPERSANDII I CALL FOR JUSTICE
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