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  1. The last time someone willingly and knowingly did this, it did not end too well for them.
  2. Zed's Literary Experience - Letters Of The Royal Society I; a tl-dr on Prefonteen Prefonteen has Post-Traumatic Enemy Disorder. Classic symptoms include knowing that Abbas runs your FA secretly, forgetting how to log into your nation and properly launch attacks, wondering how in the world SK went from being an old enemy to being an ally of your spheremate, and having no ducking clue about why you would want to reinvent the game with a pariah only for them to have a backroom deal with Super Chola X and sell Korean comics to fund their war efforts. This is a serious condition that occurs wh
  3. I think we can work something out here.
  4. Hola, amigxs. I have been requested to provide another rousing episode of Zed's Acoustical Experience. However, I have been unable to do so ever since hostilities began both in my personal life and in Orbis. With that said, it has occurred to me that some of your gentle persons are scholars and intellectuals of keen mind and spirit, and you would appreciate the written word as much as the spoken word. Alas, while I cannot bless you with my soft rustic accent, you can take some heart in hearing it narrated through some most loquacious and exhilarating written word. Today I will be writing an ex
  5. Chuck, I am just disappointed that I commended you and you had the audacity to denounce me in public!
  6. Does this mean you are fighting on both sides now?
  7. Zed


    Aw, it is too bad I just saw this. You already got the 50 mark. I would make an exception to my practice of commending nations just to help you out bby. It is basically a commendation.
  8. You as well as anyone out here should know that there are only three acceptable posts on the OWF, and everything else is just fluff. "Congrats" "What a surprise" "I am buttmad in my butt"
  9. Really? Honestly, I sat on this post for about 10 minutes, before just giving up on any further reply.
  10. I will admit, it hasn't been a great year for our Lord overall, and we still have two months of joy left. I, for one, welcome the formation of The Orbis Hague - Criminal Court.
  11. That will be very heavily abused by active recruiting alliances who know what they are doing.
  12. Zed


    Does the approval system really matter?
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