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  1. Akkara

    Purple Flower Garden Is One Today!

    We need more wholesome content like this Happy anniversary!
  2. Akkara

    Containment Breach!

  3. Damn them stories tho 👌 gl and congrats
  4. Akkara

    GodFury D.O.E.

    Congrats on top 50; dope artwork too! Who's responsible for this graphic goodness?
  5. Akkara

    All good things.....

    Damn, thought this was gonna say "come in threes".
  6. Akkara

    A light in the Void

    Congrats to both parties!
  7. Akkara

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

  8. Akkara

    The Vanguard

    Confraligutations y'all! Also dope flag 😛 who made it?
  9. Akkara

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    Basically, what Alexio said. But, in case you didn't read Felkey's post properly, he said that he requested Jeric to "appoint themself as leader in game" - which is vastly different from stealing the bank and getting the hell out, and much more different than stealing the bank, getting the bank, and sending it to tCW. Was "Yui is a good person, and we recognize her contributions to Pantheon during her term of service. We also recognize that this is a difficult situation for her." supposed to be a band-aid? The truth is, the facts do speak for themselves. You've got a pretty bad history, and you've done some pretty sketchy stuff in literally the past three days. The truth speaks for itself indeed...
  10. Akkara

    Pantheon is back in the game :D

    I've heard quite a bit from both sides, and I think it's important to note that there is a distinction you're not making here; those aforementioned "former Panth gov" nations were not members of TCW at the time, and there is no evidence of collusion on the part of tCW gov with regards to the bank heist or the deletion of discord channels. While I don't find those two's actions legitimately grounded nor condone them, so far, Pantheon's former government hasn't conveniently left out any information and hasn't publicly slandered Pantheon's (current) government; I think it's pretty easy to see where the lies are sitting. You and your government, on the other hand, have repeatedly lied to myself and the Orbis community as a whole, conveniently left out the part where Felkey returned what he(?) could, falsely assumed - and declared - that tCW was behind the personally motivated actions of some former Pantheon gov members, and constructed slanderous lies designed to undermine Yui, which, frankly, paints yourself in a bad light. Regardless of whether you personally did these things or your government did; you're all part of one team, and I don't think anyone should - or will - be trusting you guys for a while after this. By the way, couldn't you have given us more contextual screenshots concerning the gov chat, and better screenshots concerning the felkey-jeric chat?
  11. Akkara

    A Change in the Wind

  12. Akkara

    The Nords meet the Greeks

    In your dreams Congrats, Ragnarok!
  13. Akkara

    Long Live the Queen!

    o7 Congrats Adrienne!

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