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McDonalds vs. Burger King

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Eye lmayo!


I refuse to eat McDonalds and Burger King - just saying it for the record! (Although I like McDonalds milkshakes!)

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Does this come with an Ayyyyylien toy?

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I hate to see two friends go at it. But top marks for the DoW!  B)

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Nice DoW, may you both have fun out there


o/ BK

o/ CS

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Black Knights!


There has been too much violence, too much pain. 
None here are without sin. 
I am gravely disappointed. 
Again you have made us unleash our dogs of war. 
Look at what remains of your gallant warriors. 
Why? Because you're selfish! 
You hoard your dank memes.


Now, my prisoners say 
you plan to take your memes and soldiers out of the Wasteland. 
You sent them out to battle VE! 
What a puny plan! 
Look around you. 
This is the Valley of Death. 
Nothing can escape! Cornerstone rules the Wasteland!

But I have an honorable compromise. 
Just walk away. 
Just walk away. I will give you safe passage in the Wasteland. 
Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror. 
I await your answer.



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I'm impressed CS. I didn't think you'd have a good DoW in you :P

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As a former employee of Mc'Donalds. I will say it sucks, but I like Cornerstone so I'll say its alright.


Best of luck to Cornerstone and Black Knights.

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Not sure what to think. Lets see...

I'm going to say what no one else is saying, but some are alluding to.
This makes you a huge joke, Cornerstone.  As Mensa and tS, and the opposing side tries to convince you of how honorable you are, they are laughing at you privately.  They are laughing at your lack of preparation, your lack of loyalty to your allies, your top guy who could've helped but was instantly "not around to fight" for the 2nd straight war.  Your reputation as a early quitter will be your reputation for the next many years.  And in this game reputation is everything.
I am neutral towards you, but with your one guy going vacation mode, the one guy in CS who could've actually mattered, and now this.....well good luck moving forward.  I'm sure people will ally you and use you if the need more easy wars declared in a winning war, but no one will actually depend on you.
Now I assume you'll go back and be better prepared for next war.  This was your first losing war and that's always a wake-up call.  But this reputation will stick with you.  I've seen it repeated in just about any world similar to ours.
And lol at this:
You even let them beige you and do more damage and hurt your allies further by letting them steal a lot of cash and steel off you.  I wonder how much steel you are going to give the people attacking VE?  Did you ever think of that?  If you are going out after 2 days you should at least have gotten instant white peace.  You must still have plenty of missiles you can fire off right?  Surely, UPN could've helped you get that instead of directly hurting VE with this beige nonsense.
I already know the replies to this post like "stop whining" and all the mouthbreathers that come out when they feel like they are on top of the world instead of having some self-respect, but know what I'm saying has no spin, neither did I want this war and have friends on both sides of this conflict.  Reputation matters.

As Placentica ironically said, reputation matters so lets see how you do this time. Odds are more in your favour, you definitely seem better prepared and you had the previous experience to build on. 

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying anything overly negative... just getting the obvious out of the way. 

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