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  1. Carry-ons? That sounds rude. If so, git gud skrub. If not, still git gud skrub.
  2. Yeah about that money we gave you... we're gonna need it back now. Just kidding, sorry to see such great people leave the game, hopefully our paths will cross again someday.
  3. Banning formal alliances will only lead to informal alliances that consist of exactly the same people and operate in exactly the same way. I don't think it would change the game at all other than to make it harder on people who run those alliances to coordinate everything.
  4. Poll has me in it. Best poll ever. Carry on.
  5. I can name 20 alliances in the top 20 that we're better than.
  6. Hope the best for you guys and your new friends.
  7. A wise choice, hopefully the beginning of great things for UPN.
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