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  1. When I first joined UPN , UPN's buildup and DoW used to be feared. Ahhh..how much the time has changed..
  2. At least I know how to spell "strong"
  3. expected a better post than this from my gov DEUS VULT!
  4. Anonymous


    Is this a secret code for war?
  5. Despite what all those FAKE NEWS MEDIA had been telling you, I am NOT RESIGNING! I will still be here, serving the greatest president AMERICA has ever HAD and PROTECT HIM from all those HYENA-LIKE FAKE NEWS!! NOW IF YOU EXCUSE ME, I HAVE A MEETING GOING ON WITH KISLY- I mean a great friend of mine to attend to. The Fake News Media are not probably gonna cover this.SAD!! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain#IAmWithHim#FakeNews#LockHerUp#BuildtheWall
  6. "You've got the top 400 nations owning more wealth than the bottom 15 thousand nations. Most folks do not think that is right." #Sheepy#FeeltheSheepy#Bernie#Sanders We are going to make Orbis Great Again! #Sheepy#MakeOrbisGreatAgain#Donald#Trump
  7. How do I coup? just asking....no malicious intent......I am being completely honest here.....don't look at me like that
  8. Why I am doing this: 1). I am bored. 2). I am a troll 3). Why are we on reason three again? (Picture of Teutonic Knights standing on Berlin Wall) Teutonic Knights on holiday in Constantinople, 1204 (I think we were touring the Theodosian Wall) (Victor Truchev plays Clash of Clan)
  9. I am bored and want to create a global war over dispute of Sexiness poll.....idk
  10. After a heated argument involving nuking and swearing, the Teutonic Order officially adopts a new mascot. As we charge into the heretics with our glorious banners and make our last stand against the Devil and his minions, this mascot will forever stand alongside with us and provide much needed moral support. I hereby introduce.....GROOT!! Hochmeister - Leader: Beatrix Kiddo Großkomtur - Vice-Leader: Victor Truchev The Crowns Marschall - Crown of War: Albgast Vulpes Großschäffer - Crown of Diplomacy: Victor Truchev Münzmeister - Crown of Commerce: Alataq Spitler - Crown of Hospitality: Malichy & Cath Verschaffer - Crown of Procurement: Botan Abe
  11. Chancellor Anonymous had announced that the recent atomic bomb testing had been a success. The experts estimate that the bomb is 500 times of the power of Tsar Bomb. As a commemoration, May 17th will be declared the Nuclear Day to celebrate the Union of East Asia's recent rise to the status of nuclear power. The Union are now looking for a test subject. Any volunteers? signed this form first I, Nation Name, authorize the Union to nuke my nation and I shall not retaliate or ask anyone for help.
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