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  1. Presidential

    Bringing Joy to a Grumpy Old Bastard's Heart

    Long live Grumpy Old Bastards!
  2. Remember the good old days in VE!

  3. Presidential

    McDonalds vs. Burger King

    Eye lmayo! I refuse to eat McDonalds and Burger King - just saying it for the record! (Although I like McDonalds milkshakes!)
  4. Presidential

    Viridian Declaration

    That made me laugh
  5. Presidential

    Viridian Declaration

    We only declared to bring NAC into the fray with our OA clause. I wanted to attack ratbag but SRD said no :/
  6. Presidential

    War and Keg Stands

    Have fun NAC!
  7. Presidential

    Viridian Entente DoW

    Second! FUN FACT: Impero made that image while drunk ^^^
  8. Presidential

    Farking About Viridia

    Me too!
  9. Presidential

    The Viridian Entente

    Join Join Join!
  10. He must be Sheepy's favorite player when he's spending that many credits!
  11. Presidential

    Announcement from Vanguard

    Good luck Vanguard!
  12. Presidential

    Note to International Revolution

    Oh Croc you are a character!
  13. Presidential

    Announcement of Peace

    Simmons was planning on quitting PnW after the war but once he saw the server skip days he left early.
  14. Presidential

    Announcement of Peace

    I hope that you can understand how we were fustrated when the game skipped forward. That meant that we completely lost the top tier battle as TEst was in beige and ready to jump on us whenever.

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