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  1. Shitty bloc makes shitty decision. Who's surprised? lmao Hella simp for daddy Rose
  2. Y'all take this game way too seriously lmao
  3. Well, we did it PW. We figured out how many bad alliances you can fit into a bloc.
  4. The flags are too perfect. I don't like this.
  5. BK declares a recognition of recognition of hostilities with TCM. Who doesn't love a little incest on a Thursday night?
  6. Wow, fabricating fake CB's to justify a heinous act of attacking our allies at TLE. I know you guys can go low, but this is too low.
  7. BK activates their paperless MDP with TLE and declares war on The Coal Mines. CB: Not enough targets Edit: TLE can I get access to your coalition server so we can better coordinate?
  8. Yosodog


    W] bkflag.png
  9. We are in contact with our lawyers in regards to copyright infringement.
  10. Damn man, you okay? You seem to have taken the meme to heart. Do you need someone to talk to?
  11. Well I'm just glad that my baby from 2015 is getting attention and I can make my first shitpost in years. What better way to spend a Friday night than looking at logs. To be clear, I don't really give a shit about this game and you all know I have no love or super hatred towards BK so hopefully this post is fairly conclusive. I still run BK's forums and BKNet was 90% created by myself. The entire banking aspect as created by myself but I have not maintained the application since early 2017. Tiber and George have maintained and added to the application since. I can say with fairl
  12. Came out of my hole to say... It'll never be as good as Shifty's stuff. Anyways, have fun or not I really don't care.
  13. lol Why do you have a Bebo sticker on the desk?
  14. I just wanted to use my monthly post to come out and publically say that this is !@#$ing retarded.
  15. Holy !@#$ you all need to get some more memes in your life. Y'all are angry as !@#$ over awards that everyone knows doesn't mean shit.
  16. Heh, now when I coup BK and make us paperless it's just gonna seem like I'm doing exactly what tS does JUST LIKE OLD TIMES THANK YOU VERY MUCH tS NOW I HAVE TO PLAN SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
  17. Best FA move from BK in the past 6 months.
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