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  1. Pfeiffer

    Round 7 - The Great Fire

    Purged 10 years of chrome bookmarks today, touching base because the guys in SK said I should make a post and see if I could get Pre to rage for no reason.
  2. Pfeiffer

    Round 7 - The Great Fire

    If you want to talk mics, let me know.
  3. Pfeiffer


    I won this game in like 7 months, I'm sorry for that...I believe that Sheepy decided to break PnW because it was so easy to be the best. snoochie boochies
  4. Pfeiffer

    Za Warudo Christmas in Seven Kingdoms

    Yea, Tenages big ass mouth getting coupled with Shell being an idiot getting Mensa dragged into a war we were under built for certainly makes us bad treaty partners. Who the !@#$ are you again?
  5. Pfeiffer

    Za Warudo Christmas in Seven Kingdoms

    Good parenting, imo.
  6. Pfeiffer

    Unveiling the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Anyone crying over nukes is already a confirmed moron for having nukes to begin with...because nukes are for losers. Git gud at war and you never need them.
  7. Pfeiffer

    State of Orbis

    If you don't feel like reading all of Saru's post like two pages back, the tl;dr is the following: Impero is an idiot Saru never should've taken a break Ole is a !@#$boy UPN shoulda rolled with 24/7 so they could obtain greater bro status with my people
  8. Pfeiffer

    Green Protection Agency Embraces Dioism

  9. Pfeiffer

    Suggest a Game for a Subforum

    Rust forum nao
  10. Pfeiffer

    SKRP: A Global Geopolitical Roleplay

    I miss this game, but I just couldn't pour the time it deserved into another forum.
  11. Pfeiffer

    Mensa HQ Rust Server

    It shouldn't be an issue. Could have just been something !@#$y with the tubes. If you try again and it doesn't work, let me know. We're slowly getting a few more people online. Lots of new players, so the timing is good with the coming forced wipe on 7 July.
  12. Pfeiffer

    Mensa HQ Rust Server

    Sorry, our admin was busy most of the day and didn't push the update until after midnight or some such shit.
  13. Pfeiffer

    Mensa HQ Rust Server

    Literally just search for Mensa HQ. We've got one up now, no decay and I think that's the only real change. We'll be putting up another which will run vanilla+ (since radiation is !@#$ing stupid and shouldn't exist, so it won't be on after the update).
  14. Pfeiffer

    City images are ugly as shit

    It even looks like shit on my desktop, tbh.
  15. Take them off the nation profile, please. They're fine for banners, but they're wank on the full nation screen.

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