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  1. Being that I've already deleted my nation and said goodbye to my alliance and a few others, I figured I would officially announce it to the rest of PnW. I've had a lot of great times and rough times with everyone here. Shout Outs I've enjoyed getting to know many of you, and loved our conversations! To Cornerstone: I still remember getting that first mass-email from BritishDude and Les Paul Supreme about a recruitment challenge they had to get old CCC members back together. A lot of us answered that call, and I spent a lot of time learning with Rob Holmes during those opening days. To Aris
  2. I went to VM because I was frustrated with the game and decided to take a hiatus until I decided whether or not to continue. Which I probably won't be will not be. Thalmor, I would generally agree with you, but my thought was lets find a way to get the majority and minority to enjoy the game together. Now as to the majority vs minority argument, 66,000 nations have been simulated to date, and only 5,500 are still alive, that's 8% of players that have started the game. But if we count active players, that's only 3,000, or 5% of the players that have ever started a game. Statistically tha
  3. I understand everyone's point for wanting to fight him, and in some respect it has validity. Partisan said it very well, and I completely understand that, and personally, I'd love to see some sort of agreement be made to address the "he's too big" issue that many of you see. This game is politics and war, but sadly the only emphasis seems to be on war. Politics has become split into these two major spheres, with months of stagnation followed by a large outbreak, causing massive destruction, and frustrating the player base that enjoys the building to the point of quitting for some of them. I've
  4. Hey Partisan, everything is going as good as it can be IRL, lots of stuff going on, but it is what it is Your statement definitely makes sense, and I think that is something that I can bring to the CS government to talk about how do we handle the situation from the in-game effects. Personally I've had my own theory of an alliance I've been toying around with that would restrict growth of a neutral alliance and still allow them to play without having to fight. However, I feel as though this community is not conductive or receptive towards such an idea. I'll try and have more info
  5. This is my personal opinion, it has nothing to do with Cornerstone.
  6. I have done my best to keep my mouth shut for a lot of these LPS beatings, and other beatings in general, but this is getting ridiculous. You guys are sitting here bashing a guy for having a busy life, and trying to play a game the way he can. Now some of you may be able to still play and have busy lives, and all props to you for your ability! This community as a whole has become this bloodthirsty poisonous lot who goes after anybody who doesn't meet the status quo, who doesn't play the game the way we feel it's supposed to be played. How many players have we turned away cause we felt the
  7. Amazing job Ripper!
  8. As the newly self-appointed unverified official cup tester of Cornerstone, I must first taste this drink to verify no poisons were added. Congrats to Rache and thank you Rob for all your hard work!!!
  9. I know part of the concern with all the API pulls is server overload, however what is some events were RSS instead of API? I cannot pretend to say whether or not RSS has less of a demand than API, but I think it would? Examples of RSS feeds: New Wars New Market Offers New Alliance Applicant In my train of thought, this could help A. Reduce the workload of API requests coming into the server B. Reduce the amount of hostile API attempts C. Eliminate API requests from those who want to just get notifications to those who want to build information/graphs/etc.
  10. Funny, I was just thinking of suggesting the addition of an espionage that blocks fortification for say 12 turns or something like that, of course make it a little difficult to land
  11. As I stood holding my guitar yesterday following our Sunday morning worship service, our pastor stood up and started talking about how we as a nation (USA) really need to take time to pray for this election coming in a few weeks. He continued, saying, that Daniel spent 21 (Daniel 10) days praying and fasting after a great revelation. Daniel fasted often in other parts of his book, in response to events going on within his country, albeit a foreign country. His statements had me thinking about praying and fasting, even before he asked our church to join him in fasting something of value to
  12. Congrats VE on the new government setup and lineup!
  13. While a interesting idea in concept I think the first mwasure, if not already in the works or being done, would be to have alliances pledge to follow a set of nuclear guidelines. Much like the UN and nukes IRL. Spying away nukes and getting caught will cause problems, and once the league gets in a state of war how will their alliances react? The idea is noble but the what ifs are undoubtedly numerous. I personally would much rather see alliances agree to limiting their current members to something like the 1/2 limit within their own personal charters and through a global agreement of
  14. CS has "moved sides" simply due to relationship and leadership changes. Our treaty with UPN was cancelled because we remained neutral during a war due to conflict of interests, and thought it was respectful to cancel our treaty following that due to relationship strains following the end of that conflict, and out of respect to them for us not being able to hold our end of the bargain. The cancellation with VE was also a sad day for me because we had been friends with them for so long, but again during the last war our other allies needed help and we wound up attacking Sparta who was
  15. Glad to have tC at our side! We have a lot of vessels to privateer
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