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  1. But if you told them meet us at the schoolyard it would of been exactly a fair fight, if that was something you were truly looking for. It was certainly a ballsy move in a world that sorely lacks them, but the fair fight narrative would probably go further if it was one. Just my two cents. Two AAs certainly capable beating each other, hope y'all enjoy the bout.
  2. Glad to see this finally happen o/ UPN Onwards and upwards.
  3. UPN has invoked Article III of the Codex Asartes with the New Pacific Order. After a long and interesting run over the past months, UPN has decided to close this chapter in its political history, and we sincerely wish the New Pacific Order the best of luck in their future endeavors. Signed, Pangui - Consul Underlordgc - Magister Equitum Matt2004 - Magister Equitum
  4. UPN's path to peace was a little different than any of the aforementioned alliances, as we fielded better peace offers a couple rounds prior, and made the calculated decision to stay in the war in order to do more damage. All of UPN's allies where informed when I started negioationing for peace again. It was easily apparent that the coalition was willing to extend this conflict far longer than what UPN had wanted, and as stated before, we believe a result had been reached. Comparing UPN to Lordearon is also not fair. Lordearon is a new alliance who's entrance into the political scene is fairly new. UPN has historically opposed Syndisphere for close to two years, and opposed the likes of Guardian since the game's inception, it's easy to see why they would be more skeptical about us aiding. Kastor also capiIulated to get his "white peace" on other terms. I don't understand the narrative that this peace is worse for the coalition either. Having an alliance that wants peace within your coalition is worse if the enemy tries to keep them in at the expense of the rest of the coalition. I would agrue that your peace negotiations are at a better spot now since you are all dedicated to the same path. UPN has not put any pressure on its allies to exit the war to help us in mitigating the terms we have accepted. Bank logs are just to see that we aren't aiding you guys while we are disguised as being at peace, it takes 10 seconds out of my day. It reveals who we are and are not sending aid too, it's just something that is hard to keep track of so that is why it is there. The punitive term, the infra cap is based on a timetable, and one that I think is pretty fair. Since we signed up for the coalition, and aided in the destruction that the coalition imposed, we are being held to them for a period of time while they still war. If this last longer than the aforementioned timeframe, then we will see what those talks will yield. At the end of the day, I was not going to jeopardize the future well-being of the alliance because the alliances I was fighting besides didn't accept a reality that I believe was readily apparent.
  5. It's my sovereign decision to answer that call, and I did under the impression that yes, the outcome would solidify the position of its allies, by extension UPN's position. These two points do not contend with each other. How is a war that my allies ask me to join not going to be beneficial to us if we win? You also do not get to determine what wars that UPN should or should not involved in. That decision rest in the hands of UPN's government. Stop pretending you know motivations. Holton, this isn't the first time you've speculated and been wrong about UPN's decision making process and I suspect it won't be your last. You should probably consult the sources before you go making baseless claims.
  6. UPN did not enter the war because of a CB, or because we wished for a shake-up(though admittedly had we won it would of course had been beneficial to us). We did so because we were called upon by allies and happily answered the call. I won't any claims about the validity or invalidity of the CB since it had no impact on the decision to enter war. We did feel as though after a month of fighting a result had been reached, and that is reflected in the peace we signed to end the war for us.
  7. "Attention Passengers, Unfortunately Inquisition flight 420 to Nassau has been overbooked, and as a result we are asking for volunteers to give up their tickets to Nassau. Syndicate Corporation apologizes for the inconvenience." *UPN waits to see if there are any volunteers* - Lordearon and the Seven Kingdoms exit the plane - "Attention Passengers, Two volunteers have generously given up their tickets to Nassau however we are still in need of another seat. Should there be no volunteer, we will need to forcibly remove them from the plane." *UPN sees a group of Syndicate security walking towards them.* "Sir, we are asking that you give up your seat on the plane, should you not comply you will be forcibly removed" *UPN takes a moment to size up the security offers...and takes swing" UPN surrenders to the defensive coalition in an admission of defeat. No member who receives rebuilding aid, bank transactions, or any form of financial assistance of any kind may leave UPN until the conclusion of the war; UPN may also not accept members until the war has finished.UPN cannot re-enter the conflict, or aid in any way, financially or military, any party involved in the war and will not provide financial assistance to any party involved in the war for one month following the end of the war. This includes holding banks for other alliances, aiding bank alliances, or ghosting any party for military support. UPN caps infra building at 1.2k in all cities for the next three weeks at which point negotiation of the cap will be discussed or until the end of the war, which ever comes first. In addition, UPN is to grant logs of bank records, in an effort to ensure compliance with the no re-aid clause. Signed, Pangui, UPN Consul Matt2004, Magister Equitum Malal, Magister Equitum Sealteam6, Legatus t$ Chaunce, Chief Operations Officer Jessica Rabbit, Chief Finance and Security Officer Zed, Chief Strategic Officer Roy Mustang, Grand Prince of the Seven Kingdoms TKR King of the Heralds: Lordship Prince of the Heralds: Woot Herald of War: Hoid Herald of Growth: Yir Yoronti Herald of Internal Affairs: Lamort Herald of Foreign Affairs: Kayser Mensa Chairman of Mensa: Avruch Hippo of Mensa: Buorhann Acting Hippo of Mensa: Vanek Badasses of Mensa: Blande Super Sekrit Person of Mensa: BeachBunny Interior Designer of Mensa: Evry Masochist of Numbers in Mensa: dmjohnston tC Eldest: Aurelius Council of Elders: Aurelius, Bollocks (FreddieMercury), Chunky Monkey, Gandorian, Shakyr All jokes aside, it's been an interesting war and we wish all the combatants the best of luck.
  8. We fight for the glory of the God Emperor Roquentin, blessed be our wise leader. Fighting Pacifist, you will learn that Pacifism will get you no where. Only Francoism may lead you to the glory land. We bring you the teachings of our blessed prophet, Roquentin, who came to us in a dark time and showed us the way forward. We will take from you your easymode, and show you burning pixels. You will be tossed from your high perches into the depths of the Order, where Roqbots will continue to show you the light. Our crusade for Roquentin and Francoism shows no end, and even the guise of "Pacifist" will not save you. May we take from you your heresy, and replace it with Roquentin. FOR ROQUENTIN!
  9. This isn't relevant but I'm going to ask for proof since your straight lying now.
  10. We've had IA post reports on the AA or world wide affairs, nothing dedicated to straight boosting moral. Even if we did, is that really a bad thing? Kinda grasping at straws there though.
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