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  1. So many words Wana! Perhaps a haiku? Stand over Swamp...shoot Syndicate forever great Have mercy on Swamp Just a thought on excessive verbiage. Happy hunting!
  2. So, wait..."Quacks Last Ride"...are you announcing something there? Honest question. Beyond that and regardless, have at it guys and gals. Should be fun!
  3. Welcome to Oasis! We're glad to have you. o/ Now, about that round table of yours...what color is it? Are you open to a lovely shade of purple? 😉
  4. To a new start. 🥂 Looking forward to the future with Oasis.
  5. I'm still stuck on the diamond-laid segway. Nice touch. 😆
  6. We been expecting you. Let's get to it.
  7. Thank goodness there's a new micro kerfluffle to bingewatch
  8. You made it. Congrats! o/
  9. I'm not going to be cornered into voting for "the option I dislike the least" because I dislike all of them and have no intention of my vote being used to support something when I dislike it to begin with. Keep your poll, I vote 'present'. If you want to have an honest discussion then, at a minimum, "Keep the current system" should have also been an option. I agree with other commenters that a change of this type really should only be considered as part of a larger adjustment in the war system. I am intrigued by the anti-aircraft ideas and even the naval support options may have some merit when considered in a comprehensive change. The options in this poll are not sufficient to consider.
  10. Congrats on peace and good luck on your rebuild. o/
  11. Well this would explain why the pope disbanded you all. ?
  12. I assume this is a pic of the party? ? Congrats! o7 Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  13. I have to agree. It clearly seems like it was going on far longer than that. And the more evidence you show, the more it seems like their gov knew what was happening. (Edit: The replies above occurred as I was writing my post. Thanks for addressing the issue.) That said, I echo the thanks for your efforts on this @Alex.
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