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  1. I'm not going to be cornered into voting for "the option I dislike the least" because I dislike all of them and have no intention of my vote being used to support something when I dislike it to begin with. Keep your poll, I vote 'present'. If you want to have an honest discussion then, at a minimum, "Keep the current system" should have also been an option. I agree with other commenters that a change of this type really should only be considered as part of a larger adjustment in the war system. I am intrigued by the anti-aircraft ideas and even the naval support options may have some merit when considered in a comprehensive change. The options in this poll are not sufficient to consider.
  2. Congrats on peace and good luck on your rebuild. o/
  3. Well this would explain why the pope disbanded you all. 😏
  4. I assume this is a pic of the party? 😋 Congrats! o7 Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  5. I have to agree. It clearly seems like it was going on far longer than that. And the more evidence you show, the more it seems like their gov knew what was happening. (Edit: The replies above occurred as I was writing my post. Thanks for addressing the issue.) That said, I echo the thanks for your efforts on this @Alex.
  6. Kinky! I like it. As long as it's consensual.
  7. Eh, well, I guess you know what you're doing Squeegee. I'd still warn you to not let them have free passage through your lands...they tend to sack whatever is in their path.
  8. Thank you to all who organized and helped with this. It's a great tradition. And yeah...it's a popularity contest, always has been, but so what? So are the Golden Globes and The Academy Awards. It's still good fun. The Great Sheepy knows we all need more of that around here!
  9. I'll just say: Watch those cookies Bezzers.
  10. What's there to get excited about at this point? I already shot my glowing load.
  11. But....but....."it was just a raid." I'm getting tired of the BS. /embraces the salt /licks the salt /does the shot
  12. As a member of the target alliance, I can't say I liked your post Zeebrus. But it was well done and if we hadn't been the target? I'd love it. It is a disappointment that Bezzers can't fit you in for the nominations for this year so someone better remember you for next year! (I'd really prefer if Bezzers could get it in this year, I'd rather this didn't get dredged up in a year's time. ) No hard feelings from me!
  13. No derailing. Just discussing potential directions the current situation may be likely to see...and how the holidays might relate to such events.
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