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  1. Areton Chashul

    12/25/2016 - Christmas War Update

    so long you sacks of [email protected]#%, you will NOT be missed.
  2. Areton Chashul

    Valyria has decided

    inb4 rose messes this up as well o/ to a good fight.
  3. Areton Chashul

    Recognition of Christmas

    We sang. We danced. We conquered.
  4. Areton Chashul

    Name this war

    Dio Sends his Regards
  5. come check us out skrubs
  6. Areton Chashul

    Freedom fighters.

    Infra's just something to be rebuilt and I'd gladly burn it all for Valyria!
  7. Areton Chashul

    Looking for AA

  8. "Sees Harambe in Title"
  9. Areton Chashul

    Unsphere-ing II

    I'd do it if I knew how to ignore. =/
  10. Areton Chashul

    To add to the chain of awful DoWs

    Welcome to the fight!

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