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  1. Jury is still out on that one, none of us have seen Roq and Satan in the same room after all.
  2. I definitely had a good chuckle seeing this.
  3. I'm a fairly simple fella. If I see the words "Red October" I start hearing Russians in my head and will support whatever it is. That aside I actually like the Clash of the Knights and Knightfall ones.
  4. It would feel a bit weird for them to stop being an oxymoron though. It is one of the things that makes them stick out, besides the flag of San Marino that I don't think any other alliance has.
  5. Not sure what I just read but it amused me so it works.
  6. Well this has managed to get Rose's leader, an IQ leader and various IQ gov members, Micchan (who is clearly the voice of TKR ), TCW's head of defense, Keegoz, Durmij, Acadia's leader, House Stark's Hand, and Polaris' Minister of Love to support it among quite a few others. I dare say that and combined with all the likes must make this one of the most broadly supported proposals I have seen in PnW.
  7. I have to agree to this entirely. Not much else to say besides that to be honest, you laid out about anything one could say about this update rather well.
  8. Not an IQ leader so try again mate, I just do Economics. Let me just clarify where you seem to be deluding yourself from reality. IoM's leader went into another alliance to hit us, we hit him back. Then IoM hit the rest of us. It would be like if I went into Lordaeron and hit, say Patrick Higgins, and then I dragged the rest of CS into war against Higgin's alliance for something I did when members of said alliance hits me back. Oh wait, I did in fact hit Higgins while in Lordaeron and I fully expected to be hit back but wouldn't have dragged my alliance through it so nevermind. Regardless they are recognizing hostilities that they caused because their leader decided to hit us
  9. I would say more like realistic. Unless you are suggesting that while fighting a three front war against you, AO, and IoM we should open up yet another front or simply declare on anyone we possibly can thus overextending our forces and getting us bogged down in way too many wars is a good idea. Which if so I must question your strategic genius, which while I am sure is dynamic, seems to be overlooking a few things. But I see your point. We will need to get the Rollinator 9000 ready to go then. Or start that Rolling Stone Crusade I was calling for against BK when our plans to roll them were leaked last year.
  10. Keep in mind IoM declared on us. So I will get back to you on that when I read Guardian's DoW. Hence why I will never join BK, Curu being Canadian is a deal breaker.
  11. Yes. Roq insists on "with sugar on top" being added and that has been the main thing stalling our negotiations.
  12. Did Memph join Partisan's merry band of, well, partisans?
  13. Well say what you will about IoM but I must give them props on their anthem choice. I've been listening to it all day.
  14. At the very least you didn't attack them thinking they were in the alliance we are fighting.
  15. Looking at the dislikes you just can't win can you Gorge?
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