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    *inhales* DISBAND.
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    @Alex Don't you regret removing the downvote button?
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    From The Desk of Gobo Fraggle The Greatest Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! While the world hoards food, medicine, and toilet paper, us Fraggles are investing. That's right, we are buying up all the masterpieces at discount prices!! Now it would be unfair to buy these classics and not allow the unkempt masses to enjoy them. Please allow our newly appointed Art Minister, Mokey Fraggle, show you a small portion of our collection. Thank you Gobo. I'm glad all the nonsense of killing you, bringing you back, is over. Now onto the show. The first piece is by Monkey D Legendary. Titled, a day in Fraggle Rock, it showcases the beauty and mastic of our nation. Look at the trees. The underwear clouds. Amazing. Our next piece is from a true up and comer in the Fraggle Art Movement. Darsh has presented an accurate portrait of our dear leader, Gobo. Spot on. It is the prize of our collection. These are just a couple of our curated works. As we expend the gallery, you will have your chance to submit art. Many Hugs, Mokey Fraggle
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    This guy is obviously new and is trying to participate in the game. Instead of being a prick about his misplaced post, it may be more productive to show him the ropes. Aren’t we trying to increase the player base?
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    Yes. Even if it isn't, it is.
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    Level 1 thief, level 100 pacifist.
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    Its not about 9 ships is about 25 aircraft and 60k soldiers
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    Uh, your protectorate accused you without evidence? Just drop them.
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    This folks is how you become blacklisted from any alliance worth anything. Can't help but notice he's still posting. You at least revise your vetting procedures after this. A noble goal, but sometimes educating noobs requires some tough love. As it is, given many might describe his current actions as treason, the relatively mild bullying the community is dishing out is not uncalled for.
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    100% loyalty as well as 2000 iq war dodging skills
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    It's a pleasure to welcome you to the forums, and welcome to PnW.
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    Seems like someone probably won themselves a golden ticket on the deportation train of The Blitzers.
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    this is just ... ?‍♂️ oh god why do we have him
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    Hello folks! Just stumbled upon Politics & War yesterday, so still getting the hang of it all. So far it seems pretty enjoyable, but much to sift through. Cheers all!
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    Good afternoon my fellow witches and wizards and muggles and squibs. I received an owl post that we have been accused of leaking info to TTO. From my knowledge, we have no info to leak but pure accusations against DH. From my knowledge, we don’t uphold confidential information regarding TTO. After looking into this matter, no concrete evidence has been released to me or my government, making these allegations false and a rumor. I will continue looking into this matter.
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    Should really do some work on the war system, it's better to do it during a long peace like what we've got now. Also make an update so that I win. That's it, just me winning.
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    Join us for Great Job! tonight at 11 PM EDT! https://discord.gg/DUyqNH9
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    Because the beige time given is far more valuable to them then your loot and infra destroyed stat. The specific things he suggested are still bad, but the original premise of an issue is not.
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    Only 11m soldiers lost? :x.
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    bruh this kid attacks TI, threatens TI members to hire mercenaries, and then declares neutrality in his smol raids. seems legit
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    Something tells me this boy will be really fun to train
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    Can I speak to Deputy Ambassador?
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    Despite all the jealousy of our new swampy home, TLE would like to congratulate everyone on finding such a nice, wet home. O7 to Fark, Ampersand, The Fighting Pascifists, The Immortals and The Federation! To answer some pixel hugging accusations, although I appreciate the attention, TLE has never abandoned an ally. Last war we entered was for a ODoAP I didn't even like ?? Also, a shout out to The Regiment for being such good non-pixel hugging allies! Btw, you can't drain the swamp when Atlantis is part of it. ?
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    Prologue: Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort which could only be broken by love’s first kiss. She was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible fire breathing dragon. Many brave knights had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. She waited in the dragon’s keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love’s first kiss. We all know how this story ends. But what we don’t hear is the dragon’s tale. We wouldn’t even know the dragon prefers to go by The Federation (TF). A strange title, you may think, but for a dragon a fairly normal one. TF was fed up after years of knights coming into the domain. You see, dealing with one self-pretentious knight barging into your home and ransacking it all like he owns the place is one thing. Years is quite another.. And so TF packed up and left to see where the world would take him. Soon, news of TF’s journey travelled fast and reached the ears of an odd assortment of characters from across the kingdom who were also fed up with the medieval treatment. The first was the giant gingerbread man, The Immortals (TI). How did the gingerbread man earn such a title? We shall see. You might think being a giant gingerbread man would be fun, and you would be wrong. Burdened by constant taxes by their lords, the faraway kingdom had become home to hordes of famine-struck villagers. Everywhere TI looked were hungry and betraying eyes. And so TI left to join the dragon TF. Soon, the party grew. First the encountered the leprechaun, who went by the traditional Irish title, The Ampersand (&). & was wanted for drinking the king’s entire supply. It seemed the alcohol only made & stronger and smarter. There was Hawkeye the Dark (Fark), who mysteriously existed in the faraway kingdom but quickly became a valuable member of the party. So was the ever-mysterious Florida Man, locally known as The Fighting Pacifists (TFP), capable of performing any act. The final member came when the party reached the vast, oceanic domain of King Triton, or as he came to be known, The Lost Empire (TLE). TLE was sympathetic to their cause, and so he banded together with the dragon TF, the giant gingerbread man TI, the leprechaun &, Hawkeye the Fark, and Florida Man TFP. And when the journey finally came to end, there was a beautiful friendship. And so the friends gathered together and settled in The Swamp, where they agreed to the following: Chapter 1: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the swampiest of them all? All members of The Swamp agree that should any information come to light regarding the security or welfare of another, it must be shared. Chapter 2: Well, I have to save my ass. If any member of The Swamp is attacked, all other members agree to militarily, financially, and diplomatically defend one another. An attack on any member of The Swamp is an attack on the whole swamp. Chapter 3: Can’t we settle this over a pint? If any member of The Swamp decided to start an offensive war, representatives of all other members must be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Other members are not required to join. Chapter 4: What are you doing in my swamp‽ All current members of The Swamp must agree to the admission of another member. Chapter 5: This is the part where you run away. Should any current member wish to exit The Swamp, they must inform representatives of all others 72 hours in advance. Epilogue (tl;dr): The Federation, The Immortals, The Ampersand, Fark, The Fighting Pacifists, and The Lost Empire agree to an MDoAP bloc henceforth knows as The Swamp.
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    @Meggles maybe I was wrong, but it just seems likely since you were given information about an attack on your MDoAP. I'm sorry for any accusations. And also Ahch is a total idiot so I wouldn't put it against him to just make up random bullshit.
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    Lord Fraggle, may he bless us with his presence.
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    Even the Smithsonian Institution is gonna be jealous when this collection of master art is complete...
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    Just a clarification, Blitzers is a raiding alliance, TLE vs Blitz's war is happening already, and I still need to knock more common sense into this boy.
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    __**That's alot of damage**__
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    Since you guys wanted to know how my government works here you go Cltan Constitution We The People in order to create a prefect democracy and preserve liberty establish the fundamentals of this nation’s government Article I Naming The name of this nation will be “The Democratic Empire of Clton” and referred to as Clton hereafter Article II The Leading Government Section 1 The Leading Government shall make and uphold all laws of the land Section 2 The Leading Government is comprised of the Head Ambassador, The Tricameral Legislature, and The Judicial System shall make and uphold all laws of the land Section 2 clause 1 The Head ambassador is the head of the nation and is elected by the people every 5 years, and has his cabinet of heads with the amount of heads being chosen by the legislature, Section 2 clause 1.2 Each head has 2 advisors chosen by them each advisor has a interpreter who defines what a law means exactly and a enforcer who sees the law carried out and if it respects the peoples rights Section 3 The Legislature has 3 branches The Representative House, The Equal House, and The Head House Section 3 clause 1 The Representative House has its members chosen by the people of each state and the amount of members per state is determined by said states population Section 3 clause 2 The Equal House has 4 members per state and its members are chosen by the people of each state Section 3 clause 3 The Head House has 120 members divided evenly between states its members are chosen by the members of their respective states in the other houses Section 4 The Judicial System is comprised of all courts in the nation and must respect the peoples rights Section 4 clause 1 The ruling court can override all legal actions by smaller courts if they are perceived as unethical,cruel,or unconstitutional Section 4 clause 2 A court can be made for a county,city,or state they must apply to the government to be a legal court of law Section 4 clause 3 The ruling court must have an odd number of justices and can be increased or decreased by the congress with approval from the ambassador Article III The Financial Branch Section 1 The Financial branch is ran by the head accountant and is responsible for The Treasury,The National Budget,The National Debt,printing money, taxing the nation,and regulating the economy Section 2 The Treasury The Treasury is the savings of the federal government ran by the head banker of the government Section 3 The National Budget The National Budget is the amount of money the government as a whole can spend and it must be decided each year by The Financial Branch Section 4 The National Debt The National Debt is the amount of money the government owes it has to pay off these debts and must stay within a reasonable amount Section 5 Printing Money The nation cannot and will not have a central bank under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and all money will be made by the federal government and only them Section 6 taxes Taxes on the citizens must stay in a reasonable percentage and leave the person with a comfortable amount of money afterwards and the government will calculate exactly how much each citizen owes. taxes must also be proportional to a states population and it must be counted every 4 years Article IV The Foreign affairs Branch Section 1 The Foreign affairs Branch is responsible for trade,war & treaties,and all other diplomatic matters the head of the branch is appointed by the head ambassador and has a 5 year term and is called the head diplomat Section 2 Treaty making Clton Must never sign a treaty that punishes Clton if Clton was not responsible for it Article V The Military Branch Section 1 The Military Branch is responsible for Maintenance of the Armed Forces,Peacekeeping abroad,and war The head of this branch is called The Head Commander and is elected by members of the Armed Forces every 12 years Section 2 Division of the Armed Forces The Armed forces is divided into 5 branches and can be divided more as congress sees fit Section 2 Clause 1 Army The Army of Clton is responsible for all battles on land and is lead by a Head General who is appointed by The Head Commander every 8 years Section 2 Clause 2 Air Force The Air Force of Clton is responsible for all battles in the air and all missiles produced by Clton and is lead by a Skylord who is appointed by The Head Commander every 4 years Section 2 Clause 3 Navy The Navy of Clton is responsible for all battles in the sea and protecting the coast and is lead by a Admiral who is appointed by The Head Commander every 6 years Section 2 Clause 4 Special Forces The Cltan Special Forces are a more elite branch and are responsible for espionage and situations other branches cant handle they are only to be deployed when equipped and trained to conduct high-risk, high value, special operations to achieve military, political, economic, or international objectives by using special and unique operational methodologies in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive area to achieve desired tactical operational, and/or strategic effects in times of peace, conflict, or war They are lead by The Head Commander himself/herself Section 2 Clause 5 Cyber Combat Force The Cltan Cyber Combat force is responsible for the cyber security of Clton and cyber warfare and are lead by a Head Programmer who is elected by the members of The Cltan Cyber Combat Force Article VI the rights of the people Section 1 The Right of Free Speech The people of Clton have the right to dissent against the government and voice their opinion without punishment Section 2 The Right to Own Firearms The people of Clton who have never committed a felony are allowed to own non-military grade firearms and use them for self-defense Section 3 The Right of Privacy The Government may make no attempt to intrude on a person’s privacy Section 4 Prohibition of Slavery No one in Clton can be owned as property or be unwilling forced to work without pay Section 5 Prohibition of Religion Any belief in a god/demon deity is illegal and can be punished by the death sentence Section 6 Prohibition of Torture The Government may not use torture to punish and or intimidate people and citizens cannot torture other people in the nation and will be given the death sentence if a person is found guilty of torturing someone else
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    Emperor Jonas, is that you?
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    Like I said I will fix him up, but I think this forum post will teach him a lot
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    03/24 02:59 pm - Clton declared war on Vietnamese empire for the reason of "You arent getting neutrality"
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    then why are you even posting this. your war dodging doesn't belong in alliance affairs
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    Loyalty 100% gg
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    Fraggle will buy it all. Keep making it, Fraggle wants it.
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    Great Job! with Kev and Charlie will air live tomorrow 11PM EST
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    What do you get when you cross a number, the worlds best football player and a piano? If you guessed a barely functioning alliance based on an old cheesy romance anime, you would be correct. Government : President; Messi Vice President; Seven Minister of Foreign Affairs; Lils Alliance: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7375 Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/YVVaGbB Protected by: the Cam Girls
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    Say what you will but at least we are trying something different. ?‍♂️ Isnt that the whole point to be adventurous and try something other than the status quo. Would have been very easy to stick as a mega sphere, but alas we decided on a different approach. It may be a harder approach but it's different, and it keeps this game away from a boring 2 sphere world.
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    Currently you can import either to one city or all of them. It would be nice if lets say importing to 1 through 10th city and 11th through 21 city was added to make more complex city building more easy then having to go through them all manually .
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    Hedge Money didn't get the same treatment. I wonder why?
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    Good to see moves like this being made.
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    Nice to see that the response of many to the devolvement of the blob that they so widely request is just irrational anger. On a brighter note, it’s been a pleasure to work with those in & as part of Stark/Syndi/Partihasusalltrappedinabasementpleasgethelp-sphere, so I wish you guys all the best in your damp, albeit homely sphere. To all of you, I hope you can fight against the inevitable #draintheswamp memes and keep the deep state rolling for years to come.
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    Oh my..... what are you guys planning?!
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    Thanks, didn't see that. While we're at it, you can actually make out distinct spheres on the treaty web now, which is pretty cool to see!
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    You do know Afghanistan was backed by the US, which is why they beat off the USSR, right? They didn't win "on their own" and USA isn't at war with Afghanistan, like the USSR was. In either case, any nation that has improvements well beyond its infra level should be forced to have power redirected to the improvements they want to actually have powered. Otherwise, it puts way to much power into the once larger nation, against the current smaller nations. Outside that, if a 30 city nation loses all its infra, it's improvement count is within its infra level and just rocks with full military improvements and basically nothing else, there is nothing wrong with that. I personally don't think a 30 city nation should be able to drop so much and be able to hit a 20 city nation or smaller, but that's just me. At that point, you have to change the accessibility of whom you can declare on. As for the directing of power, in this specific situation, this should also affect the raws as well. You have 40 improvements, but infra level is 1000, you redirect power to all the areas you want, but raws also function at full power? Because they don't use power? Rather bs in my opinion as well. You can only power what your infra level allows you, if you have more improvements then what your infra level allows. This will mostly affect whales who have 20 farms, get smacked down, run max military and 20 farms and whatever else they can while low on infra at full effectiveness. Power the farms or the military? Also, if your military loses power to its improvements, then the units held by that improvement is lost. The same way if it was destroyed during battle. You still have the improvement though. No power, there shouldn't be any allowing of full military use of it then, even if you already had the soldiers before losing power. This will hurt those huge nations who choose to shrink themselves so much, to where they only rock military improvements at 1K infra or less builds. You lose 500 infra in a city, immediately 10 improvements lose power and at first it is randomly chosen by the game, but afterwards you can redirect the power as you see fit or simply buy more infra. This way, it forces those more not giving a crap raiders, who simply just want to burn a nation down, to think through its military efforts, as it can go small, but it can easily lose a portion of its military quite easily. If this was put in, you can have a pre-set power direction installed for your nation. Basically, if the above examples happen, it will pull power from the section (not the specific improvement) of improvements you listed first. Example...You have 5 choices: Resources, Manufacturing, Civil, Commerce and Military. I put Manufacturing as my first section to lose power. So, if I get randomly hit and cities drop in infra, power will be randomly taken from the improvements in that section first and so on and so forth. Once the second is done, it'll move onto the next section on the list. This will at least give people the ability to fight off the randomness of having their military improvements just lose power first. This would then open up the spy ability of being able to scramble one's pre-set power direction. Basically, if the spy operation is successful, it will just set it back to "random" setting. Removing the pre-set feature, made by the player. The defending player can fix the problem immediately or I suppose, make it a one day force hold (until their day change mark happens, so it can never be more then 24 hours). Since the added change of being able to set your own day change time, anyone thought that maybe in the "intelligence gathering" spy ability, they are also told when the nation's day change is also? I am still firmly behind that spying is by far the most out of wack thing on here. With planes tying. It seems WAY to easy to spy intelligence or almost anything else and either succeed and be caught or not caught. There should be more then simply, having 60 spies and Arcane on. Put more variables with it...military size, overall average land size and city size, etc. A nation with half the amount of spies a fully maxed out nation has, should not have any real chance of success. Also, a handful of spies, shouldn't be able to kill upwards to 20 spies either. These spies aren't Agents 47.
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