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  1. Hello everyone, Mountain Dew#0933 here. I have played P&W for 2 years and finally think it's time to move on in my life and focus on my life goals. In these two years, i founded many well known alliances, made some awesome friends, fought numerous global wars and had a great time. A big shoutout to my best friends in this game @Borg @Basebond @Lord Vaderfor being with me for such a long time i have many sweet memories with y'all. This game has a great community and culture that i really adore. I wish you all good luck in your lives! Take care! ❤ Special Mentions: @Xaria @Murtaza @christian2094 @Sri Lanka 001 @Elder Rachael @Nokia Rokia @ToxicPepper Atlan & David Sarif (sorry if i forgot anyone) Goodbye 👋
  2. Holywood is the new hedgemony
  3. Alliance wants to join you.
  4. Hello @Alex I am the leader of SoS. I would love to explain this, all our members are legit and have discord accounts you may visit our server and check it yourself. We recently merged with another alliance The Jedi Order which gave us a score boost. About that raiding thing, when someone applys to join our alliance. We have a policy that we don't accept them unless they have 5 offensive raids that's a requirement to make sure they are quality players. I have been playing for almost 2 years now and i have founded multiple successful alliances so I know how to grow the alliance. You may check our member they are obviously legit lol 😆 Let me know if you need any more info.
  5. Wildlife Sanctuary would be the perfect name keeping in mind how your leadership is always at fight 🤭
  6. Best Alliance Theme: Error 404Best Alliance Page: ArsenalBest Alliance Discord: Error 404Most Engaged Alliance: ArrghBest Gaming Crew: RoseBest Business (news outlets, banks, graphic design companies, etc): Meme News NetworkBest Art Designer: BasebondBest Moderator (can be either forums or discord): RipperBest Community Contributor: BorgBest New Addition to the Community: BorgFunniest Player: XariaNicest Player: BorgBest Bromance: BorgBest OOC Poster: IsjakiBest Forum Topic (please link): NABest Forum Reply (please link): NABest Wall of Text (please link): NABest Leak: Error 404 chat logsBiggest Controversy: Dogpiling Biggest Meme: Error 404Funniest Event: NA
  7. Leader Name: David Cameron This guy is sending 7 recruitment messages to all new players. I request you to please impose a strike on his nation.
  8. Yeah I was surprised I got only one copyright claim and that was from the song I added later 😁
  9. Yeah I did an oopsie there 😭
  10. Hey guys! Meme News Network brings you the highlights of 2020. Hope you all like it! Edit: TI-TFP left Swamp not Hedge. Sorry 😖
  11. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=253075 Very obvious racist nation
  12. @Malleator Bruh, I don't want lazy members who just click on the discord link and joins my alliance. I am looking for some active chap who will visit my profile and check out my alliance name, look it up on the alliance leaderboard, read the alliance description and join the discord server. That member, my friend will be the one that's worth keeping. Peace. ♥♥
  13. Error 404: Not Found The content you were looking for has been deleted or moved to a different location. Please contact <insert name of a gov member here> for more information. 😘
  14. I doubt if MS has balls to go paperless when they are crying here about not getting protection. They will probably find some new alliance that will help them war dodge. Also, Error 404 was a TEst prot as well and they protected us well. So instead of blaming TEst, if you try on focus on competency you will feel much more safe coz I have been a raider and I can confirm, I don't think once before hitting MS members. Thanks.
  15. Bold of you to assume that TEst will last till later today 😛
  16. That's clearly slot filling
  17. At least build some military before blitzing us smh
  18. Panth is high in rank as well, doesn't imply that they are strong or active or competent
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