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  1. Bold of you to assume that TEst will last till later today 😛
  2. Dyana

    War Slot Filling

    That's clearly slot filling
  3. At least build some military before blitzing us smh
  4. [email protected]#$ gonna get wrecked soon
  5. Panth is high in rank as well, doesn't imply that they are strong or active or competent
  6. Ctrl X + Ctrl V I mean Disband and Merge.
  7. I slot fill for 10 mil Eh, jk jk
  8. Stfu, do you have any proofs? Just empty allegations. Go check my nation, tell me when did I join arrgh?
  9. Smh @Malleator Forgot me? I fought by you in GW, I was in TI.
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