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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=253075 Very obvious racist nation
  2. @Malleator Bruh, I don't want lazy members who just click on the discord link and joins my alliance. I am looking for some active chap who will visit my profile and check out my alliance name, look it up on the alliance leaderboard, read the alliance description and join the discord server. That member, my friend will be the one that's worth keeping. Peace. ♥♥
  3. Error 404: Not Found The content you were looking for has been deleted or moved to a different location. Please contact <insert name of a gov member here> for more information. 😘
  4. I doubt if MS has balls to go paperless when they are crying here about not getting protection. They will probably find some new alliance that will help them war dodge. Also, Error 404 was a TEst prot as well and they protected us well. So instead of blaming TEst, if you try on focus on competency you will feel much more safe coz I have been a raider and I can confirm, I don't think once before hitting MS members. Thanks.
  5. Bold of you to assume that TEst will last till later today 😛
  6. That's clearly slot filling
  7. At least build some military before blitzing us smh
  8. Panth is high in rank as well, doesn't imply that they are strong or active or competent
  9. Ctrl X + Ctrl V I mean Disband and Merge.
  10. I slot fill for 10 mil Eh, jk jk
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