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  1. I wasn't aware that they let their non-gov members read any news that they didn't produce themselves.
  2. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=184627
  3. Best Rookie (2019) Player
  4. @Alex I would love to know why this was never implemented? Did it cause too many bugs?
  5. Here's to hoping Discord bans you in some way shape or form.
  6. @Alex please make it happen
  7. Touche, I hadn't considered those things when I posted. So I'll admit I didn't take all things into consideration. However, I do like Jasper's idea of actually doing something with the baseball system. To make it more interactive.
  8. @Alex it appears many people have great ideas here. Please implement a few to make Baseball interactive, but not a OP to earn money if you have extra time on your hands.
  9. Just think of this. I played for maybe a month and a half to two months. I earned 213M (before tips) 149M (after tips). I wasn't playing at the levels of some players. I only played small amounts everyday around the 500 games a day mark. There are ppl playing way more than that, and it creates a disadvantage to people who do not have the time to click, click, click, click. I stopped playing for exactly that reason. Alex I think this would be a preferred method, that way there is still the possibility of some income but not to the tune of billions of dollars
  10. It has come to the attention of the Winnipeg Free Press, who originally broke this story, that MontgomeryBurnsCorp. itself does not have Nanobioreactors working inside their own nation (Pollution is a disaster). Reporter: Premier, what have you seen while visiting and observing the situation in MBC? Premier Jordan: After careful observation, I have determined, that MBC and AM would make great Economic partners, and we have begun discussions in this regard. Reporter: What about the pollution levels? It's been determined by our investigation team that there is no proof of working Bioreactors in the nation of MBC. Premier Jordan: During our discussions, Monty and I both discussed the major advancements we'd made in regards to our economic prowess on the world stage. Reporter: Premier, that doesn't answer my question. I'll ask again, what about the pollution levels? Premier Jordan: I hope that as a nation we can focus on the economy and creating jobs. No further questions.
  11. Reports indicate that Premier Jordan has begun talks with the nation MontgomeryBurnsCorp. There is no guarantee that this will become a full agreement, as Premier Jordan has expressed doubts to his cabinet about the technology available to MontgomeryBurnsCorp. This story is still developing and all tips are welcome and can be reported here, or sent directly to jffroese#2180 on Discord.
  12. The following Memo was leaked to the Winnipeg Free Press on September 24, 2019 From the desk of Premier Jordan of African Manitoba To: Ministers Re: Pollution (Classified) It has come to my attention that certain groups are making moves against my party, due to the current pollution problem here in African Manitoba. It seems that the Green Party along with some neighboring nations have decided that it is in their best interest to rally the citizens and try to interfere with my political agenda. I can not have this! We need to take immediate action to ensure that regardless of the resistance to our economic policy, we can continue to have the support needed to win the next election. My recommendations based on discussions with my top advisors is to immediately begin an ad campaign reminding our citizens of our job creation record, our small business record, and our commitment to them. We should follow that up, with a nation wide tour with myself, and different AMLA's to the major cities. Starting with Winnipeg. The most important step to take however, is to ensure that our ridings are worked in a way that will allow me to win. I will be putting forward Bill C-250, which will allow me to form a committee to redo the ridings in our favour. We can not allow the nation to fall into Maestro's (leader of the Green Party) hands. They would devastate our economy. Please setup the appropriate teams to begin our push to reunite the citizens under the AMCP banner! Premier Jordan The Premier was not immediately available for a Media callback. However, his spokesperson denied that the memo came from the Premier.
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