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  1. Roq is returning???? Our Roq who art in basement blessed be your frozen pizzas thy animes come, thy animes be done in Orbis as it is in basement give us this day our daily frozen pizzas and forgive our cheating as we don't forgive yours lead us not down the path of NPO Deliver us from the admins for thine is the basement forever and ever amen
  2. Who are you? Why dis here? Also What?
  3. I talked a lot with Aero in DM's during those initial talks while I was in t$, I know for a fact that he genuinely was seeking a quick peace, his views did not align with those who wished for whole alliances to disband and leave the game. I don't care what random snippets of half conversations you in t$ drum up, the level of toxicity you display towards Aero is both embarrassing and sad to see as a former member. Glad to see that this is happening and I hope the conversation continues and that we can move on from this toxic thread PS: before all of t$ comes here and replies to this. Yes Jordan is soft
  4. I went willingly to your couch Shifty anything for a star role!
  5. Kek, my name made it into a Shifty post. Hot Damn I'm famous mom!
  6. Have you tried not wasting all of our time?
  7. Kev may be free, but to me, it appears he is wandering around in a very Sketchy neighbourhood. I shall pray that Angel Akuryo is looking out for him 🙏
  8. 1. It's new... therefore has not been "successful" yet 2. This is usually a comment you would make about another AA, not your own.
  9. Another t$ leader of Panth, interesting, I wonder if it'll go any better than the last time someone from t$ tried. If nothing else I guess it'll be a nice tax farm. Although honestly anything is better than six leading it.
  10. @Thalmor You arguing with that guy on the forums is hilarious
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