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  1. False. Every category but one
  2. One of the organizers would be better at explaining, but the voting is weighted based on the public voting as seen in the image you attached, as well as the alliance rep voting. I don't know the exact way it was weighted so you'll have to wait until one of them replies. I think particularily @Adrienne was in charge of the spreadsheet.
  3. Still can't believe you didn't let me give the speech on @Leopold von Habsburg's behalf. ABSOLUTELY ROBBED
  4. Maestro and Charles relaxing after a successful awards ceremony
  5. Maestro when he sees people complaining about the organizers not taking their suggestions seriously... PS. Thanks to all the organizers for the hard work and time that goes into making these awards possible ❤️
  6. Best of luck in cleaning up the farm. Twisters often leave a mess, but any good farmer knows how to rebound and get back to it.
  7. Congrats on 6 years! May year 7 be filled with much loot
  8. Congrats Putmir and tCW on joining SWAMP. Wish you guys all the luck going forward.
  9. @Daveth I hope this means that Carthago brand cookies are back in daily distribution???? Also good luck on the rebuild everyone!
  10. I love that you've been able to make friends through this conflict! Carthago has some of the best and nicest ppl in this game! @Daveth is 100% one of my favourite ppl of all time.
  11. I'm aware eventually you would think he'd learn... I guess not. I'll just go back to my cats.
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