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  1. Hail the King in the North
  3. P&W is a powder keg like the balkans and the leaders are soldiers smoking cigars in an arsenal on august 20th when the NAP ends i fear it will be a year or more of non-stop war how and when do you think this war will start?
  4. I feel like you should be able to have both since theres no overpowered exploitation of having both
  5. we are The Emerald League We have low 15/15 taxes and a deal with spera bank that gives all members a 0.5% reduction on interest for loans and we will focus on the prosperity of all of our members and have booming economies so join now https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7464
  6. In nationsgame (the game i used to play) it was a game enforced option to demand destruction of a building to end a war
  7. They should add bombers to the airforce so it could be fighter/bomber (idk make them destroy more infra) like in the army where its soldier/tank and also add artillery
  8. Looks like i left just in time
  9. Coldcrown


    Cltan is the demonym for a person from Clton
  10. Coldcrown


    I dont even get counter prot Not wanting my stuff destoyed for political reasons
  11. Coldcrown


    The only thing my alliance gives me is safekeep of resources and free access to locutus (i can use it for 15 million a week anyway)and some game guides for raiding i cant think of anything else they give me
  12. Coldcrown


    National affairs is for mapbase-RP ir there was national announcement board i would’ve put it there
  13. Since you guys wanted to know how my government works here you go

    Cltan Constitution


    We The People in order to create a prefect democracy and preserve liberty establish the fundamentals of this nation’s government 


    Article I Naming

         The name of this nation will be “The Democratic Empire of Clton” and referred to as Clton hereafter 


    Article II The Leading Government 

           Section 1

     The Leading Government shall make and uphold all laws of the land 


           Section 2 The Leading Government is comprised of the Head Ambassador, The Tricameral Legislature, and The Judicial System

    shall make and uphold all laws of the land 

         Section 2 clause 1 

    The Head ambassador is the head of the nation and is elected by the people every 5 years, and has his cabinet of heads with the amount of heads being chosen by the legislature,

          Section 2 clause 1.2

    Each head has 2 advisors chosen by them each advisor has a interpreter who defines what a law means exactly and a enforcer who sees the law carried out and if it respects the peoples rights

          Section 3

    The Legislature has 3 branches 

    The Representative House, The Equal House, and The Head House

           Section 3 clause 1

    The Representative House has its members chosen by the people of each state and the amount of members per state is determined by said states population 

           Section 3 clause 2

    The Equal House has 4 members per state and its members are chosen by the people of each state

            Section 3 clause 3

    The Head House has 120 members divided evenly between states its members are chosen by the members of their respective states in the other houses

            Section 4 

    The Judicial System is comprised of all courts in the nation and must respect the peoples rights

            Section 4 clause 1 

    The ruling court can override all legal actions by smaller courts if they are perceived as unethical,cruel,or unconstitutional 

            Section 4 clause 2

    A court can be made for a county,city,or state they must apply to the government to be a legal court of law

            Section 4 clause 3

    The ruling court must have an odd number of justices and can be increased or decreased by the congress with approval from the ambassador 

    Article III The Financial Branch 

           Section 1 

    The Financial branch is ran by the head accountant and is responsible for The Treasury,The National Budget,The National Debt,printing money, taxing the nation,and regulating the economy 

           Section 2 The Treasury 

    The Treasury is the savings of the federal government ran by the head banker of the government 

          Section 3 The National Budget

    The National Budget is the amount of money the government as a whole can spend and it must be decided each year by The Financial Branch

          Section 4 The National Debt

    The National Debt is the amount of money the government owes it has to pay off these debts and must stay within a reasonable amount

          Section 5 Printing Money

    The nation cannot and will not have a central bank under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and all money will be made by the federal government and only them

         Section 6 taxes

    Taxes on the citizens must stay in a reasonable percentage and leave the person with a comfortable amount of money afterwards and the government will calculate exactly how much each citizen owes. taxes must also be proportional to a states population and it must be counted every 4 years   

    Article IV The Foreign affairs Branch

         Section 1

    The Foreign affairs Branch is responsible for trade,war & treaties,and all other diplomatic matters the head of the branch is appointed by the head ambassador and has a 5 year term and is called the head diplomat

        Section 2 Treaty making

    Clton Must never sign a treaty that punishes Clton if Clton was not responsible for it

    Article V The Military Branch

        Section 1 

    The Military Branch is responsible for Maintenance of the Armed Forces,Peacekeeping abroad,and war The head of this branch is called The Head Commander and is elected by members of the Armed Forces every 12 years

       Section 2 Division of the Armed Forces

    The Armed forces is divided into 5 branches and can be divided more as congress sees fit

       Section 2 Clause 1 Army

    The Army of Clton is responsible for all battles on land and is lead by a Head General who is appointed by The Head Commander every 8 years

      Section 2 Clause 2 Air Force

    The Air Force of Clton is responsible for all battles in the air and all missiles produced by Clton and is lead by a Skylord who is appointed by The Head Commander every 4 years

       Section 2 Clause 3 Navy

    The Navy of Clton is responsible for all battles in the sea and protecting the coast and is lead by a Admiral who is appointed by The Head Commander 

     every 6 years

       Section 2 Clause 4 Special Forces

    The Cltan Special Forces are a more elite branch and are responsible for espionage and situations other branches cant handle they are only to be deployed when equipped and trained to conduct high-risk, high value, special operations to achieve military, political, economic, or international objectives by using special and unique operational methodologies in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive area to achieve desired tactical operational, and/or strategic effects in times of peace, conflict, or war

    They are lead by The Head Commander himself/herself

       Section 2 Clause 5 Cyber Combat Force

    The Cltan Cyber Combat force is responsible for the cyber security of Clton and cyber warfare and are lead by a Head Programmer who is elected by the members of The Cltan Cyber Combat Force

    Article VI the rights of the people

       Section 1 The Right of Free Speech

    The people of Clton have the right to dissent against the government and voice their opinion without punishment 

       Section 2 The Right to Own Firearms

    The people of Clton who have never committed a felony are allowed to own non-military grade firearms and use them for self-defense

      Section 3 The Right of Privacy

    The Government may make no attempt to intrude on a person’s privacy

      Section 4 Prohibition of Slavery 

    No one in Clton can be owned as property or be unwilling forced to work without pay

      Section 5 Prohibition of Religion 

    Any belief in a god/demon deity is illegal and can be punished by the death sentence 

    Section 6 Prohibition of Torture 

    The Government may not use torture to punish and or intimidate people and citizens cannot torture other people in the nation and will be given the death sentence if a person is found guilty of torturing someone else

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    2. Coldcrown


      The whole reason i wrote this is because i wanted to rewrite the documents from 2017

    3. Corpsman


      Alright, it just is a bit under appreciated here.

    4. Eva-Beatrice
  14. Coldcrown


    Its not about 9 ships is about 25 aircraft and 60k soldiers
  15. Coldcrown


    I didnt know what board to post this in
  16. Coldcrown


    Im not the head of foreign affairs for the blitzers im the head of the cltan government
  17. Coldcrown


    Head Ambassador is literally the title of the leader Head Diplomat is the leader of the foreign affairs branch of my government
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