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  1. people actually responds/reads to orbis central's post?
  2. uh oh Bjorn figured it out
  3. The leader of Blitzers is now Clton. After leading this amazing alliance for 2 months I found that gem that is Clton. His first forum post deeply influenced me. It made me cry for three days and three nights, who can write a post so well other than Clton. Therefore I officially gave my position to the great Clton. I wish him the best of luck o7. And I will be deleting. Oh wait already did ?‍♂️no more hot potator. Signed: The Sole Leader of Blitzers: A HOT POTATOR HAPPY APRIL FOOLS
  4. Potator


    we are close after this post smh ?‍♂️
  5. Potator


    Just a clarification, Blitzers is a raiding alliance, TLE vs Blitz's war is happening already, and I still need to knock more common sense into this boy.
  6. Potator


    ok I taught you this you raid you are going to lose troops
  7. Potator


    Like I said I will fix him up, but I think this forum post will teach him a lot
  8. Potator


    you are not wrong, you are not
  9. Potator


    Nah he is close, I did not expect someone to post something like this, but he is a noob still understandable
  10. Potator


    Something tells me this boy will be really fun to train
  11. Potator


    this is just ... ?‍♂️ oh god why do we have him
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