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  1. cam has all these fans im kinda jealous
  2. What do you get when you cross a number, the worlds best football player and a piano? If you guessed a barely functioning alliance based on an old cheesy romance anime, you would be correct. Government : President; Messi Vice President; Seven Minister of Foreign Affairs; Lils Alliance: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7375 Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/YVVaGbB Protected by: the Cam Girls
  3. Alliance of the Year: Camelot Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: New Pacific Order Best Fighters: Camelot Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: Camelot Most Active Alliance: Camelot Best Government Line-Up: Camelot Best Rookie Alliance: Mythic Most Honorable: Camelot Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: Camelot Best Forums: Black Knights Best Discord: Camelot Best Alliance Page: Camelot Most Controversial Alliance: GOONs Best Alliance for New Players: Mythic Best Economic System: Mythic Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Nova Riata Best Re-brand: Camelot Scariest Alliance: Mythic Best Alliance Ad: Camelot
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