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  1. My forum got locked since i forgot my password. Belated goodbye to you , and I am glad i made it to your special mentions category. Hope you do good in real life.
  2. ARRGHFGHFHGHFGAHDGHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. My friend, stop abusing the votes. On the other hand Iron dome was too over powered compared to its cheap price. So the one with ID is more invincible. The votes are always rigged because of the majority of the pixel huggers in a 300 man alliance. And @Lord Tyrion nukes and missiles are not loosers weapons. Looser is the one who gets hurt if they are dropped on them hence nicknamed pixel huggers.
  4. 35 and 40 looks like a fair value right now
  5. @PrefontaineI like most of the thread. But i am confused on this one. Is the bombardment only for the nation who has been blocked by the attacker, Or is it that the attacker can initiate bombardment after he naval blocks another nation? It would be lovely to see the latter in effect as people would actually have to think strategically if to blockade someone or no. But the second option (where the blockadier can bombard the blockaded ones) is overkill for the people/alliances (usually small/micros) if they get into a war and get their improvements destroyed in an all out war. Of course some people will say that he is a pirate so he fears his improvements get rekt up etc etc. But if you think about it logically, it will hurt the emerging player base, most of whom rely on raiding for their initial growth. And also the alliances who are new and dont have enough money to support the infra and improvements together.
  6. WAIT! MY BILLION!!?!?!. (dudes be hanging my money for 2 years) JUST RETURN IT BACK WHENEVER YOU REROLL. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU
  7. Good idea, people will have something to compete about in this game and greatly help player retention.
  8. Best Alliance Theme: Arrgh Best Alliance Page: Morningstar Best Alliance Discord: Eclipse Most Engaged Alliance: Best Gaming Crew: Best Business (news outlets, banks, graphic design companies, etc): RON Best Art Designer: @Marzipan Best Moderator (can be either forums or discord): @Ripper Best Community Contributor: @Xaria/historia Best New Addition to the Community: @Xaria/Historia Funniest Player: @Xaria/historia Nicest Player: @Hime-sama , @Dryad Best Bromance: Best OOC Poster: Best Forum Topic (please link): Best Forum Reply (please link): Best Wall of Text (please link): Best Leak: Biggest Controversy: Biggest Meme: Swamp vs Arrgh Funniest Event: Syndi sphere getting dogpiled because of sekrit traties.
  9. Player of the Year: @Dryad Most Influential Player: @RipperMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: @Ducc ZuccBest Alliance Leader: @PascalWorst Alliance Leader: @PascalBest Government Member (not a leader): @Orcinus Orca Best General Member: @Ducc ZuccMost Missed Player: Best IC Poster: Poster You Most Love to Hate: Best Villain: @IsjakiLargest E-Peen: @VeinBest Fighter: @IsjakiBest Raider: @MurtazaMost Controversial Player: Player You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: @MarzipanPlayer that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Best Player Avatar: Best Player Signature: Best Nation Theme: Best Nation Page Design:
  10. Dont forget the best raider award tho
  11. For further clarification, heres the screenshot
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