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No peace for Orbis yet - Arrgh!

Sam Cooper

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4 minutes ago, Sam Cooper said:


What happened is unfortunate and should not have happened, let's not even talk about "why".

Few days back Arrgh had seen yet another mutiny, and I was chosen to be the next GA, these are clearly not the best conditions but then again, when things have ever been easy for Arrgh..? So I am here, to let Orbis know, Arrgh is not dead, not even close. We sail yet again, and we have no plans to stop.

No peace for ye landlubbers!

May the pirate gods bless me with their vision as I set sail for the uncharted waters.



tldr: Arrgh has been restored back to normal.

Not really surprised.

1 minute ago, LunaHD said:


Not really surprised.

Was replying to the title.

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Arrgh! Best wishes!

Good luck


Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.



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The Old Grand Admiral is dead! Long Live the Grand Admiral!


Carthago Community Party Member
Diety Emeritus of The Immortals, Patres Conscripti of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix, Councilor Emeritus of the New Polar Order


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11 hours ago, Kosta said:

As much as Arrgh has been a pain in the arse over the years, it must not die. Glad you guys are going strong. 

I found you! I got the spices ready duck!

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Couple of things...

Congrats good sir. Proud of you. 

I killed Arrgh but then gave it back to you guys because you're nice fellas. I did that for a few reasons....As I said...my friend hated you guys but I didn't and I thought it was mildly funny to do what I did...I've played the game for 1700 days or so and it gets a bit bland...

Arrgh exists because I allowed it to exist..don't ever mistake that....

I found that Arrgh was just like any other alliance, only with a twist...instead of making bauxite..Arrgh just pillages sleepy folks...that is why Arrgh will always exist as saprophytes...they eat the dead...and when someone strikes back...they just rely on the stupid game mechanic that allows them to continue raiding...

That's fine...I do it as well...

I wish you guys luck...many great guys and about 4 pirates. 

Wake up and make a mark or I'll reroll and apply...


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 Registered slot thief

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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6 hours ago, Raoul Duke said:

Arrgh exists because I allowed it to exist..don't ever mistake that....

Oh get off of your moral high horse Raoul, you were in a position where you had the power to do that because Arrgh allowed you to be there.. don't mistake that.
And the text that follows, the shallow understanding you have of Arrgh shows how much of a mistake it was to let you be in such a place.

The first purpose of Arrgh is to provide an escape from the chains/restrictions/obligations of other alliances and as long as it is doing that it is serving the purpose it exists for, you could've killed the in-game alliance, sure, but the people who share those ideas would always be around, that part is beyond your control and that is the part that matters more.

7 hours ago, Raoul Duke said:

Wake up and make a mark or I'll reroll and apply...

The point where I could take it as a joke is long gone.

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