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  1. A 10% will straight up kill most day trading lol. Maybe 2% might be more reasonable. I'm not a fan of offsetting this with projects. On one hand, it encourages nation specialization which is cool. On the other hand, it puts it far out of reach of new players, and day trading was one of the main appeals to me as a newbie and every time I reroll.
  2. I love it. It's always bothered me that you could get 100% or 0% so easily.
  3. Rin


    But who was W?
  4. I like the idea of saving builds and then just swapping to them with a dropdown. It could take 15 min to swap to a war build on mobile. The back button on exporting a build made it so much worse.
  5. Watch as raider alliances build a whole constellation of puppet states.
  6. There's some merit to the idea. If they have no soldiers and can't rebuy, they've already lost or are inactive. But 30 is too much imo.
  7. My opinion stands that wars have to be more fun. Two weeks, maybe 4 max. Any longer and the loser should lose, but turnaround mechanics post blitz should exist. Damage is the obvious change, but not on nukes. Maybe perks or projects that could just give flat out more damage, no reduction. To counteract, peacetime profits could be buffed a little, but there should be like some penalty to staying at peace. So if like a sphere decides to sit and whale indefinitely, they'll be at a disadvantage. I like the total wars requirement for projects and project slots. I'm also fond of the idea of a project that lowers pop but makes rebuild cheaper.
  8. Was gonna cyberbully, but this is a good theme. Good luck!
  9. make prefontaine great again
  10. peace prizes are now a valid CB
  11. Here's a wild idea: how about instead of an expensive project, it's a cheap one that reduces population slightly?
  12. That has little to do with infra costs. In the past, we've had plenty of wars where there would be little to no growth in between. Wars would hit as soon as someone rebuilds. They used to say there was no point building past 1800 infra because you couldn't get ROI before the next war. These days we can add multiple cities between wars. I think it's more that NAPs kill momentum. The reason we have NAPs is because wars are long and tiresome. The reason that wars are so long is because it takes so many rounds to inflict decent damage. I'd love a suggestion which reduces war lengths, but I don't think this is it. More people buying to 4000 infra just means more people to nuke.
  13. Rename KT to Killer Whales. Or Knight Whales or something.
  14. No, that's what land and cities are for. War is cheap enough as it is.
  15. It sounds like a disbandment too.
  16. 5/5 eggcellent declaration of egg
  17. tfw Alpha is ranked higher than Camelot
  18. I'm okay with this tbh because then you have to make a decision between more firepower and burning resources faster.
  19. Yeah, this is probably harder for the bots to solve.
  20. Nah I like it this way. If I wanted a graphical one, there's a gazillion to pick from.
  21. How do you count training alliances? As one or two different alliances?
  22. I've only really met you during the down periods, which is a little sad. But good luck with everything and hope you enjoy wherever it is you're going.
  23. ID discourages missiles onto some nations, and they just focus it on some other nations. VDS doesn't quite have the same effect. Most people are happy to get a 80% roll when they can. idk if any of these changes will alter that behaviour, but I like the emotional attrition damage with getting your missile blocked even if the damage is overall the same.
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