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  1. Still Bipolar as Brittney Spears Still Bipolar
  2. Thalmor was being held as the standard of reason? Ima get the popcorn to read this...
  3. I found you! I got the spices ready duck!
  4. There's still rum leftover if anyone wants anoth- never*hic*mind I stand corrected.
  5. Im so proud of this community😭
  6. Ah there you are. Running to the forums wont save you from being included in my crispy duck dinner ya know...
  7. I love me some salt in the morning
  8. Well, you were running low...
  9. I joined UPN under a different nation 5 years ago. I left on good terms to help Emmad and Victor Truchev in The Teutonic Order Then I deleted my nation left the game as a whole while I was deployed in the army. After I came back to pnw I rejoined TTO until its disbandment. I then went back to UPN. I'm well aware of the ill will towards my alliance and ive had enough of it. war wont solve anything we need to earn the respect back
  10. The lack of sleep had got me on edge lately so Ill admit 'im probably not using my best judgment when typing which isn't helping my point lol. I do honestly mean that I want UPN to do better. When I originally joined UPN Were number 1 on the leader boards and a admired the alliance. I want us to go back to being an alliance that honorable again.
  11. Id assumed no different. I openly admitted my negligence as a member and pointed to me running for gov as an attempt to get the power to push us back in the right direction. As for the crap start, on the defensive is never a favorable position to be in even without considering past conduct of the alliance. The opinion about UPN is already negative and nothing short of actions that reflect the change will change that. I can talk all day but that won't change public opinion. we need to show that we've changed not just talk about it
  12. 95% of the world's salt usage is done so by gamers...
  13. As for what I'm planning on doing? I'm pushing for better FA relations and growth as an alliance. I realize UPN has burned a lot of bridges and I want to work to rebuild them in manners beneficial to both sides. I simply ask that you give the new gov a chance to prove themselves capable before you label us the same.
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