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  1. Well, so basically no accountability, since we have no way of really knowing if those votes were even cast in the way they were put down in the spreadsheet. And why anonimity? We are not electing the President, anonimity just means that basically whoever made the spreadsheet/gathered the Alliance votes can just cast them at they see fit with no oversight. Im not talking about you, but i think you understand this basically means what i just said it means. 'I promised them anonimity' isn't doing anyone any favors, not even the alliance representatives, since they are players as well,
  2. @Adrienne Will alliance nominations be shared with us in a completely transparent manner, so that every vote is accountable for so as to not leave way for any suspicion as to how they were cast and by whom? Like what alliance nomimated whom in which category?
  3. thats fine, ill take your word for it no problem. it is what it is, i apologize for my comments, hopefully my confusion is understandable given the numbers and the lead i had compared to others.
  4. i have, and i doubt the results. if the answer is 'we arbitrarily chose nominations despite what happens in the nominations threads' then i understand, thats fine. if youre saying theres an actual method to this that uses numbers, id be very grateful if someone would enlighten me on how the count went and if there is any way to check it. simple mathematics says max for instance would have to get at least 6 alliance nominations, and everyone else at least 4 for me not to make the final cut. if thats what happened thats fine, but pointing me to that post does not answer my questions.
  5. why even have nominations threads if they dont count? i got 5 nominations, 3 more than the runner up, yet a person with zero nominations get on the list and i dont. can we check the alliance representative 'round 2' youre talking about? see who nominated whom, and how can a situation like this can even happen? for real, your personal opinion, does this seem right to you?
  6. Best art designer nominations count: Mars: 5 Minesome: 2 Ame: 2 Basebond: 1 Marvel: 1 Rachael: 1 Malleator: 1 Marvel: 1 Maia: 1 Scratchy: 1 Pika: 1 (two if you count the 'anyone but pika' vote) Mad Max: 0
  7. @Tywin Lannister is tywin by a long shot *pours one for all the dead homies*
  8. stop the circlejerk, jesus
  9. enjoy your forum ban and cotl passing out a screenshot of your post to milk sympathy every chance they get
  10. no, you said 'allegedly' they had to make some captcha thing. what you said about me had no allegedly :). jesus man, the guy who 'calls it how he sees it' you sure have trouble seeing what you typed yourself a few minutes prior. get real my man and stop wasting everyones time that doesnt mean much, obviously
  11. o yea? if you 'call em like u seem em' show me the slightest piece of evidence i did that, except you attempting to use it against me, which is unfair by the way and i dont even know who you are or why even want to say that about me, i guess its just the culture you got there.
  12. that is 100% untrue, i have absolutely no knowledge of that, not my style at all. if i want to flame akuryo or any of you losers i will do it to your face from my account to the point of self defeat
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