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  1. Economic Partnership: This one would make the alliance trade section of the market useful since this comes with another alliance mechanic - the ability to set tariffs on inter-alliance trades. The default is no tariffs on same alliance and MDP level and higher agreements, but exceptions can be made with the Economic Partnership treaty. How it would work is the alliance will tax trades that fall outside these agreements. Example: If set to 10% and you sell 1 steel at 3000ppu to a nation that falls outside any agreement, 300 of that will automatically be sent to your Alliance Bank. This way Alliances have encourage trades with trade partners or profit when their members trade outside them. If you trade with a nation from an Alliance you have a standing Economic Partnership with, members keep 100% of the money. Tributary Agreements: When signed this guarantees one treaty partner gives the other treaty partner an allotted sum of money or resources at the end of every day/week or month. This can be a new way to incentivize protectorate agreements as well as establish reparations as a legitimate, in-game mechanically sound surrender term. Example: If one alliance agrees to pay 1000 food every 1st of the month, when that day rolls around it gets automatically sent via bank transfer to treaty partner. If bank is empty, every time you add food to it, it will automatically send it until the amount is fulfilled. This basically means the tribute is automatically deducted from alliance bank making it so you cant keep money in the bank and not pay up. You either have the money in your bank, not use the bank, add money until the amount is reached or cancel the treaty.
  2. is there some actual reasoning behind this action? because i dont think its on account of the handful of users that are in the high negatives but rather some other group id rather not name who has been struggling with their community reputation lately
  3. Nova Riata, The Coal Mines Pantheon straight up deleting alliances
  4. my micro is larger than your micro
  5. Forum Name: do not fear jazz Link to Profile: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/8534-do-not-fear-jazz/
  6. time to resurrect that d2jsp account
  7. Goon-person using please instead of insults, i must be doing something right. By the time we're over, the lot of you will have a chance at getting girlfriends, jobs, and a dignified place in society as a whole. I promise, just bear with me. While i dont expect the proceeds of this illicit activity to be equally distributed amongst your members (pun intended), or to know where the cash flow from this operation ends up, the information stipulated clearly on your meme-board suggests it goes to the large webhosting bills your culture generates. If one of you suddenly buys a new Bugatti, that would be something to look into as well. Distancing yourself from the sa.com forums, after 1-2 months of proudly displaying your membership and repeated attempts at driving the point that you lot are 'destroyers of games' and other fantasies, is disappointing but not confusing. I do not think there is any use in attacking this statement since everything you said before today, and you said more than anyone ever asked, points to the contrary.
  8. Hello negative reputation user The Meat. While we salute your attempt at spreading your 'culture', we feel your 9.95$ could have been better spent elsewhere, like the already established in-game donation method knows as credits. All credit donation money goes straight into paying PNW.com bills and not into sa.com bandwith fees, which is an offsite, unaffiliated moneygrabbing scheme disguised as a meme-board.
  9. Seems to me you are using pnw membership to pay for your webhosting services. Your culture might want to look into donations rather than money-grabbing schemes. Only 9.95$ boys.
  10. You came into a no discussion thread looking for schooling. Maybe you thought its another situation where you can bend the rules and be generally toxic and confrontational. You can send all them goons in here and we will go through them one by one. I, personally, would rather keep it no discussion. Good day
  11. im not privy to alexs thoughts as you claim to be. And your recent steering away from rulebreaking behaviour seems to make you very proud. Keep at it. We will bring you on the right track one step at a time. Until then, Mars lives rent free in your headspace
  12. Im happy you have started to reform your ways. Keep us informed on your progress. Maybe one day rulebreaking will cease to be part of your "culture".
  13. If the only prerequisite is paying subscription, your "culture" seems to be formed by people who pay money to your organisation and not some behaviour or character traits. Also as you pointed out this is a no discussion forum, i am not surprised you feel you can "break" rules, seeing as you are systematically doing so. I am sure you will be explaining it to alex, and it will employ all kinds of mental gymnastics around a simple basic idea, your membership is required to pay money. I understand damage control is in your interest, but so is abiding by the rules you claim to uphold so dearly by spamming mods whenever it suits you.
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