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  1. we debated the buy-in for a second, personally i wanted to go for more as well but it was decided that 100m is enough for now, which i think is reasonably high roller, at least for 95% of this game. we will do this again, and if it works we can up the ante, i would be down for that. anyway, we all know you have money mr leader of gob, we get the message but this is supposed to be something fun so if you would please either join or f off, that would be cool. thank you
  2. we all have more money than this richie rich, idea would be to have people actually come and play. if you want we can heads up you and me for whatever cash you want or you can come play this game if the pot isnt too small for you
  3. That is 8 PM UST / 10 PM CEST / 4 PM EDT. 100m buy in. Two max buy-ins. 6/9 spots left. If 9 people show up, and everyone rebuys, we re looking at 1.8b prize pool. Voice chat mandatory and we're hosting it in the KT server. Join there and ping or DM me to RSVP. I wish you good fortune.
  4. buddy, thats every computer game out there.
  5. things like morningstar and what i do will always go over your head, dont think you can do anything about that. and even if it wasnt, that doesnt change what i said. now back to not knowing who you even are
  6. hey man, heard you did the right thing and apologized to all of us. its fine, we all get heated up sometimes and say mean things to people. i want you to know that you will always find a friendly face in kt should you need it. i understand youre kind of troubled and if you ever want to talk about your issues, im here for you. cheers and stay strong brother
  7. highly uncivilized and screaming 'racism' 1000 times wont change that to be honest we should roll you guys more often
  8. no idea who this queen is and i know you want everyone to be racist, but whats really happening is youre very easy to troll and a bit slow minded, so people have their way with you. id feel bad if u werent so judgemental and self entitled. nobody cares, time to grow up and time to leave this cliche spoiled sjw teen angst behind you
  9. at this point youre calling everyone who you dislike a racist, which is awful for people who actually experience racism. we can only understand you have no sympathy for them, since you take what is a serious issue and attempt to weaponize it in your childish squabbles. shame on you, cliched impostor. racism isnt your trump card you just whip out whenever you feel like it, bigot.
  10. well yea but youre braindead
  11. vs hopefully this visual illustration gives you a hint as to why people join kt
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