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  1. ¿Tu hermana sigue preguntando por mí?
  2. hell yea, but when? its been almost 24h of this farming thing and its unbareable
  3. seems smug little man enjoys his junior role in this one sided dogpile a little too much carry on
  4. sounds to me like you kept your head down when it was challenging, and opted to 'wait' and kick someone when theyre down. also lol at 'prudent planning', dude, if camelot wasnt where it is now u wouldnt do sh what i dont approve is showboating one sided dogpiles, its weak and in bad taste and judging by your blocs lineup it seems like this is the highlight of your military prowess
  5. so this was a long time coming but you waited for a 10v1 to do it.. interesting, also kinda lame and cowardly
  6. when youre a fun little commie anyone who isnt a stalin lover is automatically fascist. thats also true when your favorite pastime is virtue signaling and leveraging the political climate to gain favor in a nation sim, calling people fascist is your default attack, mainly because it works, since theres always some other petty meathead within screeching distance, readying the guilotine. id be surprised if there was any nuance to it but there almost never is, just basic zealotry which is just that, basic and uninteresting. looking forward to the day when calling someone fascist as a knee jerk reaction, is seen as slimey, not martirdom
  7. im far from fascist, stop being so boring and cliche you little attention seeker
  8. the horrors of communism and its death toll of tens of millions of people are debunked... to educated people like you. to me, someone who has a socialist republic birth certificate and a grandad who got a death sentence from your favorite regime, its very much a real thing
  9. friendly reminder communism got tens of millions of people killed
  10. hannah is great. idk who any of the rest are
  11. Mars


    pretty sure this is the best leadership lineup arrgh has seen in a second
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