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  1. Still Bipolar as Brittney Spears Still Bipolar
  2. Thalmor was being held as the standard of reason? Ima get the popcorn to read this...
  3. I found you! I got the spices ready duck!
  4. There's still rum leftover if anyone wants anoth- never*hic*mind I stand corrected.
  5. Im so proud of this community😭
  6. Ah there you are. Running to the forums wont save you from being included in my crispy duck dinner ya know...
  7. I love me some salt in the morning
  8. Well, you were running low...
  9. I joined UPN under a different nation 5 years ago. I left on good terms to help Emmad and Victor Truchev in The Teutonic Order Then I deleted my nation left the game as a whole while I was deployed in the army. After I came back to pnw I rejoined TTO until its disbandment. I then went back to UPN. I'm well aware of the ill will towards my alliance and ive had enough of it. war wont solve anything we need to earn the respect back
  10. The lack of sleep had got me on edge lately so Ill admit 'im probably not using my best judgment when typing which isn't helping my point lol. I do honestly mean that I want UPN to do better. When I originally joined UPN Were number 1 on the leader boards and a admired the alliance. I want us to go back to being an alliance that honorable again.
  11. Id assumed no different. I openly admitted my negligence as a member and pointed to me running for gov as an attempt to get the power to push us back in the right direction. As for the crap start, on the defensive is never a favorable position to be in even without considering past conduct of the alliance. The opinion about UPN is already negative and nothing short of actions that reflect the change will change that. I can talk all day but that won't change public opinion. we need to show that we've changed not just talk about it
  12. 95% of the world's salt usage is done so by gamers...
  13. As for what I'm planning on doing? I'm pushing for better FA relations and growth as an alliance. I realize UPN has burned a lot of bridges and I want to work to rebuild them in manners beneficial to both sides. I simply ask that you give the new gov a chance to prove themselves capable before you label us the same.
  14. the cheating scandal was not what was questioned. What Under was questioned about was why peace talks kept breaking down. The war was dragging on and everybody was feeling the stress. I repeatedly asked Under for logs of the peace talks but was met with silence. The first time i requested them he responded with ill see what i can do. then he never acknowledged any of my further requests. As for reaching out to other alliances I hung out in other discord servers to try to get a feel for whats going on because Under refused to give us more. Under let his power go to his head and it alienated him from UPN and led to a lack of trust in him. I admit the timing is questionable. but the decision to ban Under was made after the election was over. As for an alibi i've offered no such thing. in fact I openly admit I should of done more. It was my motivation for running for Gov. I want to see us back on the right track an i hope to help us do so by getting more involved.
  15. yes you forgot a few things. UPN never hid. We fought like everyone else. Do not insult my intelligence. As for cheating? NPO faced the music for what they did. If we were knowingly complicit in the cheating we would of faced similar punishment. As for being aware of what under was doing in peace talks? screenshots of logs that never showed the whole log just snips that pained under bad without the context of the whole conversation were taken with a grain of salt. when you main source of information is from the enemy that's what happens. My message was never that we were free of guilt but that our coming actions would show our new direction. Under was questioned by his own alliance during the entire war. we didn't speak out? Do not insult my intelligence. We did. it fell on deaf ears. As a result changes were made. no matter what I say you will paint it as an excuse. So I will repeat myself since you seem like you can't be bothered to read. Action speak louder than words. Ours will reflect our claim
  16. Please keep in mind thats the last one I can remember. My wife gave birth 3 days ago and I've been the one up with our son so she can recover. I'm working on 5 hours in the last 72 so my memory isn't the best right now lol Speaking of which...I'm gonna take a nap while its quiet, lol. Please bear in mind we are working towards better and our action will reflect that better than words can explain it
  17. You're right but as I said elections have not been held for awhile.
  18. IRL issues can take time. I was gone for almost a year on hiatus after I left the military to deal with PTSD and UPN accepted me back with open arms. Things happen. As for Matt being re elected he has not been. The elections have not been held yet for High Gov. The recent elections were for the MPs
  19. The timing is due to our leader returning to active duty. Matt had been on hiatus due to irl issues. Now that he's back and active he's making changes needed to drive us in the right direction. even before the war we had not had an election in awhile. the last election I can actually remember took place a bit after The Oktoberfest War. The election was called to make sure the Gov is an accurate reflection of UPN and to get us back on the right track. In any case, our actions will show much more than any words said here can. So thank you for your luck we will use it to show our intentions for the better because I can talk all night but frankly our actions should do the talking to avoid wasting either of our time further. That and i have my newborn son sleeping on my lap and I should probably get hime to bed before we are both asleep in my recliner lol
  20. Ill take your luck but refute your point. Under and ST6 were gov at that point and they were expected to represent us. They failed and were removed from office at the next election. As for transparency it was questioned by several members repeatedly including myself. This change of gov should be seen as move in the right direction. Under may be related to the announcement in the sense he was one of the gov members replaced and the timing may seem suspect but this change was made with the intent to move forward as an alliance. Under's removal should been seen as signaling that even veteran members are not immune from the consequences of their actions.
  21. my loyalty is and always has been to the alliance, not under. as for the straw that broke the camels back was his action last war mixed with the lack of transparency concerning info shared with his alliance
  22. Under is a troll who crossed a line he couldn't be bothered to see. His fellow members were not spared from his conduct either. He has shown himself to be unworthy of our trust and support as an ally and was treated accordingly. Under's actions and words are his own and the elections results show that the alliance has chosen a different direction than Under's. You hate the man but then question the alliance for kicking him out? That shows you'd complain no matter what was done. Whether he was banned immediately or shortly before the NAP ended wouldn't matter. The message is that UPN will take responsibility for his actions no longer as they are unbecoming of a member of UPN.
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