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  1. 5/5 eggcellent declaration of egg
  2. tfw Alpha is ranked higher than Camelot
  3. I'm okay with this tbh because then you have to make a decision between more firepower and burning resources faster.
  4. Yeah, this is probably harder for the bots to solve.
  5. Nah I like it this way. If I wanted a graphical one, there's a gazillion to pick from.
  6. How do you count training alliances? As one or two different alliances?
  7. I've only really met you during the down periods, which is a little sad. But good luck with everything and hope you enjoy wherever it is you're going.
  8. ID discourages missiles onto some nations, and they just focus it on some other nations. VDS doesn't quite have the same effect. Most people are happy to get a 80% roll when they can. idk if any of these changes will alter that behaviour, but I like the emotional attrition damage with getting your missile blocked even if the damage is overall the same.
  9. Holy shit on bombardment. But idk it's preferable to improvements disappearing when there isn't the infra to maintain them. I like it, but that's because of my sadistic personality and not because it's good for the game or anything. This is going to make dogpiles so much more OP and it's yet another raiding nerf.
  10. That's me. The confusion was kind of a running gag 😛
  11. Yeah, it was dumb and imo you deserved the ban. But we'll miss you 💛 May we cross paths in some other game.
  12. I mean like if you build nations up and then they join an alliance on the opposite side, that's bad econ too. I guess I think of it as being good at investing.
  13. So I like awards, in that they give recognition to people who were overlooked. I wish it was something like the Oscars, where most of the winners were things nobody ever heard of. At worst, it's like the Grammys, where the awards just recognize meh songs with the most playtime. Most of the time, the pnw awards ends up just a propaganda campaign. I wish it was a popularity contest. But this year has been much better than the past years, closer to the Grammys. Democracy is reallly not a good way to do this, because most people are just not paying attention most of the time. The average pers
  14. I saw the image in question, which I won't link for obvious reasons, but I'll assume the people in question have shared it or it's still on the nation. A reverse image search will turn up a story related to a Nigerian murder. The details of the body are quite graphic, and on first sight, I assumed it was real. However, a discussion with some other friends unrelated to accused brought up that it was "obviously fake", given that a headless body should have either blood on the clothes or be in a pool of blood. I think this one is a little too close to call, but I would say that rea
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