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Don't put people you don't trust in the heir position because they have this ability.

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Yeah it happens, just don't trust anyone you just met.  If you give someone heir position you give them the ability to promote themselves to leader and kick you out.

2 minutes ago, random p&w fella said:

Mr rogers, i think those images are photo-shopped. the leader is claiming you did it...

they don't look fake to me

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18 hours ago, Tarroc said:

Congrats, You got Pantheoned. Dunno what you can do about it, it's not against the rules of the game.

Yeah happened to me in March, 2018, sorry to see this mate @Mr Rodgers its not an uncommon thing in the game. My advice is join an established alliance get experience, build connections, build your nation and after a period of time when your settled enough in the game and have enough people who are similarly experienced you can found an alliance. Founding an alliance right out of the gate as a new player is most times a recipe for disaster. 

Hit me up in game or on Discord anytime if you want advice. 

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