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  1. I am having the same problem I attacked some one and lost and now I can't get any new revenue and I am not be taxes for income
  2. I am having trouble with GC some one has me GC but when I go using air support
  3. Mr Roger you need to re think your story check the facts that you got coup but don't blame it only people if you have a problem go look in your own nation and come back and tell us your real facts
  4. then Minsome The IRS says they need your paycheck and car so they can give it to some one that needs it
  5. So you saying I have to change my profile picture from just a T
  6. Reported to alex for what I did not break any rules at all
  7. you shut up to Golden Phoenix Bot
  8. GPWC is not similar then GPC and they are no way connected to NPO minesome is bring a false calm and a false court system
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